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Gordon Cobb

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English

Gordon Cobb is a music technology and music video production instructor in the Faculty of Music at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and music instructor at the Sarah McLachlan School of Music. He has a BFA from SFU, a MMus from the London College of Music and a PhD in Arts Education from SFU. His research interests include multimodal composing practices, new musical literacies and music video production pedagogy. His work as a music composer has been showcased in numerous public venues, including two Olympic Games commissions, the New York City Ballet and the Cedar Lake Ensemble, New York; and on television with the Knowledge Network and the National Film Board of Canada.


Gordon has a talent for including multiple literacies within his projects and making connections with the curricula. Gordon collaborates well with teachers and commands respect from students. Gordon has a background in music education as well as music production and music video production. It is the grounding in inquiry, dialogue and critical reflection that makes his take on music education unique and valuable to teachers within the school system. This balance between the academic and the practical is what makes him a good fit for inquiry-based project work at schools. Katherine Tong, Education Program Director, Vancouver Biennale
Gordon has an extensive background in music education. He also has current knowledge of digital media applications, and software like Garage Band and iMovie, making him an ideal artist in residence for teachers wanting projects to be integrated with the new BC technical curriculum. I have seen final projects that Gordon has been involved with that reflect student inquiry, cooperative learning and critical reflection, making him valuable and unique to teachers at the Vancouver School Board. I believe Gordon will continue to be an engaging artist in the classroom, introducing students to the power of sound, voice over, creative music writing and video production, as he instructs the balance between technical information and creative output. Carolyn Sullivan, Coordinator, Vancouver School Board Artist in Residence Program
Not only is Gordon an endless source of creativity, but he also possesses the rare ability to deliver his ideas to children and youth in a thoughtful and playful manner. Through his work and his personality, he inspires everyone around him to be the best they can be. Craig Shervey, Director of Community Engagement, Sarah McLachlan School of Music

Project Examples

Introduction to Collaborative Music Video

As an extension to the songwriting workshop, this unit takes the songwriting process one step further in the realm of moving image and the music video! Using footage captured on video cameras, iPads and iPhones, students will learn the basics of music video production through observation, demonstration, modeling and critique. Examples of music videos from the Sarah McLachlan School of Music will serve as the departure point for class discussions on such topics as context, narrative and composition. Aside from basic camera operation and directing techniques, students will learn how to work together as part of a production team, working collaboratively through the various stages of pre-production and planning, production, filming and post-production.

Music Composition, Sound Design and Remixing

Using Mac laptop or desktop computers, students will explore how to create their own MIDI music compositions, soundscapes, podcasts and movie soundtracks. Students will learn how to develop and produce their own music using production hardware such as MIDI keyboards and microphones. Students will have the opportunity to produce compositions that reflect their interests and or incorporate materials from existing class curricula. The flexibility in this program allows for both individual and collaborative productions.

Collaborative Songwriting

The basics of music production and songwriting will be explored through an exploration of loop-based composition and remixing. Students will have an opportunity to work with Garage Band and the existing loops contained within this flexible music software. Working in small groups, students will engage in reflexive group writing to develop lyrics that they can develop into an original song. Students learn to explore identity options as well as meaningful ideas through this inquiry-based approach to songwriting.

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