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Greg Weir

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
Grant Eligibility: Eligible to apply for AIC

Mr Weir inspires children to make music with action, drama and humour. Starting off with simple call and response songs, the students are quickly engaged and ready to create songs that work with the curriculum. As a singer/guitarist/songwriter, Greg Weir has made four albums , starting with vinyl records in a band he started during Secondary school. Years of experience in Elementary school classrooms have led to building a positive and inclusive approach to music that leaves children gleefully singing in the playground.

Classroom Residency(ies)

Contact Me: (604) 352-4040, Email, Web


School Year: 23-24

Children are led in a songwriting process that allows input from those with a wide range of abilities. Starting with brainstorming and a study of rhyming words, a song can be brought together to add interest and understanding to classroom study topics. For inspiration, students will learn Mr Weir's original songs that enhance the school curriculum. "I Am a Salmon Fry" is a song that helps children understand the role of the salmon cycle in the life of our streams and wilderness. "These Are the Animals the First People Know" celebrates First Nations art and culture with an illustrated book co-authored by Charles Silverfox. Finally, Mr Weir can record and film the students' singing and artwork for a lasting document of their creativity. We can then teach and perform our work to others in the school community.

Testimonials & Reviews

Mr Weir led the children in the performance of many songs he composed for our curriculum with input from our students. We would book him for another school performance or workshops in a flash! Hugh Blackman, Principal
This music is filled with drama and humour. Mr Weir engages children with charming songs that get them moving and exploring their world. John Rahme, Manager of Production, CBC
Greg Weir engages students right away with his positive, inclusive approach and gets everyone singing! He involves students in writing songs that relate to what we are learning in social studies, science and language arts, creating fun songs that the students feel connected to and quickly become class favourites. Wendie van der Woerd, Teacher

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