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HeARTbeat Theatre Productions

Discipline: Theatre
Homebase: Calgary
Languages: English
Grant Eligibility: Eligible for 40% AIE

The HeARTbeat cast is made up of three passionate professional artists, who love kids and are pursuing a calling to tell stories that will inspire kids to find their place in the world. Not only do we create, perform and work together, but we're great friends who love to travel, laugh and imagine together.

NEW SHOW available for 2020-21 School Year: "Something's Rotten at Castle Alphabet - Show #2"


Hear, There Be Dragons

School Year: 22-23
Offered Languages: English
Grade Suitability: K - 7
Duration: 45 minutes
Capacity: 550
Tech Requirements: Smart screen/tv in classrooms, or alternate viewing space for cohort groups to watch the prerecorded portion of the performance.
Available Formats: In Person

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

HeARTbeat Theatre is very pleased to announce that after 16 months of creation, we have our third production ready to hit the road. Hear, There Be Dragons! is an exciting performance, featuring theatrically alive science, combined with the magic of multimedia. The production includes lessons in the Core Competencies and Curricular Competency in Science, Arts Education, English Language Arts, and Languages. The story relies heavily on 2 characters who communicate with American Sign Language. One of the actors in the story is Deaf and completely non-verbal. An interpreter has been incorporated into the story to translate. Show Synopsis: A castle, dragons, and bullwhips...oh, my! This tale takes place off the edge of the map in the fictional world of Castle Alphabet where the head horse wrangler, Will O' The Whisper,can't bring the unruly new stallion to heel. Engaging the help of the mystical groundskeeper Alcuvius, Will discovers that the horse is not ill-tempered but hard of hearing. But just when resolution seems at hand, Debby the Dragon makes her fiery appearance. Employing ASL (American Sign Language) and incorporating the science of sound, your students will be entertained while getting a lesson in inclusion and diversity with a pinch of science as well.

Testimonials & Reviews

"A charming adventure with a positive message on the import of helping others, Castle Alphabet is genuinely clever, surprisingly witty show" Greg Kruikshank- Reviewer- Jul 27/2017 Hamilton View Mag (pg 13)
"One of the most engaging theatre performances we've ever had! The beautiful message of love, faith and courage was outstanding. Even kindergarten sat for 55 minutes completely and totally engaged! Thanks so much!" Kim Welte-Principal St Thomas Aquinas School
"The presentation was quirky, humorous, upbeat, and engaging to our division 2 students. The themes were something that all our students could relate to in their own individual way." Elle- Grade 6 Teacher Coronation School, Edmonton, AB

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