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Ingrid Hansen

Discipline: Interdisciplinary, Theatre
Homebase: Victoria
Languages: English
Contact Me: (647) 237-4644 , Email

Ingrid is a professional puppeteer and actor in television and live theatre, currently performing on a new Sesame Street Workshop TV series. Raised by gregarious Danish immigrants, Ingrid's classroom culture is one of fearlessness, radical inclusion, and bold self-expression. On television, Ingrid currently performing a lead puppet character on a new TV show produced by Sesame Street Workshop. Ingrid plays Gertie the Gopher on the Tiga Talk series produced by the Aboriginal People’s Television Network, and performs puppetry on shows Caitee's Classroom, Singalong with Tobee, and Tongue Twisters with Twyla which are hosted on YouTube's Super Simple TV, the studio that created the original Baby Shark video. On stage, Ingrid has been the Co-Artistic Director of SNAFU Dance Theatre since 2006. With SNAFU, Ingrid has co-created and performed physical comedy shows Little Orange Man, Kitt & Jane: An Interactive Survival Guide to the Near-Post-Apocalyptic Future, and recently, Interstellar Elder: Badass Grandma in Space. Her food-puppetry show Table Top Tales was recently invited to the National Art Centre in Ottawa. She loves to teach, and has worked with students age three to adult, newcomer youth, ESL classes, Deaf students, professional actors, first-timers, school teachers, and prison inmates. Puppets are a great equalizer. They arouse our curiosity and suspend our judgement. They open our minds and allow us to see things from a different perspectives.


Ingrid Hansen is a dynamic and engaging educator. The students and teachers alike were captivated by energy and presence. The curiosity and fearlessness that she demonstrates as an instructor is contagious. Through Ingrid's workshop everyone became more playful in the collaborative environment that Ingrid created. I can't wait for her to come back to our school! Lisa Cox, Arts Teacher at Second Street Middle School, Etobicoke, Ontario
I was blown away by [Ingrid's play] Little Orange Man so when I learned that Ingrid was offering a masterclass in Toronto I just had to fly across the country to participate. I was not disappointed. I particularly liked how we explored dramatizing aspects of ourselves through objects, how we developed story sequences and worked with feedback from the group to enhance them. I had expected getting to animate objects, but I really appreciated working on story development, both individually and with others. Plus, Ingrid is such an inspiring ball of energy and enthusiasm. No wonder she can raise the dead, um, objects… Kris Fleecrackers, Student in Ingrid's Puppetry Masterclass 2015 at Humber College
I have seen Ingrid Hansen build skills of confidence and joyful expression in the children at our school. I invited Ingrid Hansen to A.S. Matheson Elementary to teach puppetry after seeing her work on stage and on television as an acclaimed puppetry artist. She visited our school and worked with all of our classes for several days. She differentiated her instruction for thirteen different groups of children, ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 6. She adapted so naturally to the unique needs of each group, that every child was able to relax and feel like they belonged. In limited time, she made real connections with children and helped them feel heard and valued. Ingrid creates a fun and supportive environment for creative collaboration. She understands that modeling skills with enthusiasm leads to an enthusiastic response in the children, and a desire to play with curiousity. She encourages students to surprise themselves, and has a knack for breaking down barriers and building students' confidence in their own creative abilities. Ingrid was flexible with the needs of our school, and cheerfully found the best ways to bring her lessons to our learners within our constraints of time and space. She communicated professionally, collaborating with teachers and our school administrator to plan for what was a very successful week of learning (which the children still talk about!) I’m confident that any learning environment would find great value in the expertise and teaching style that Ingrid Hansen brings. She is an inclusive educator with passion and professionalism in her craft, and I would happily recommend her teach at your school. Mark Wells, Teacher at A.S. Matheson Primary School, Kelowna BC

Project Examples

How to Puppeteer Anything: Creature Creation

A mini-performance and hands-on puppetry-play workshop, no construction or supplies required. Students watch as I brings puppet creatures to life, and then students invent and animate their own puppet creatures out of a tickle trunk of hats and scarves. • Up to 4 classes/day • Grade K to 12, approx 50 minutes per group. • Max 30 students per group, with their teacher present throughout Each child sculpts a unique puppet creature out of a scarf, tying fabric in knots to make snails, one-legged giraffes, blob monsters, whatever they imagine. I guide them to discover the puppet's voice, through a journey of sleep and dreams, waking and eating, meeting the other creatures, dance parties, hide and seek, and whatever worlds they want to create. I lead our object puppetry exploration in a way that is barrier free: language barriers evaporate, performance anxiety evaporates as puppet creatures charm us into a state of wonder and free-form creation. People of all abilities can create and play with a surreal scarf puppet creature, whether you are verbal or not, hearing or not, english-speaking or not, shy or confident. In our second session, we enter "Phase Two: The Ultimate Puppet Challenge." I guide students through a mirroring exercise so they can experience different ways of leading and following. In pairs, the children co-design and animate Ultra-Mega-Creatures which require cooperation from both puppeteers to bring the creature to life. At the end, we create a creature menagerie where we can meet everyone's Mega-Creatures. Space Required: An activity room, library, or classroom with the desks pushed to the side

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