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Jane Tevelein Doel

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Golden (Kootenays)
Languages: English
Contact Me: (250) 348-2347 , Email

Jane is a professional clay artist, with a great deal of experience working with children, youth and adults, both in schools and in the community. In her workshops she strives to encourage a passion for clay as an expressive medium, and facilitates students developing the building skills to find a personal voice. She has recently been an artist in residence through ArtStarts at Golden Alternate School, introducing a number of grade 10-12 students to the principles of 3D work and construction in clay, to explore and resolve students' individual creative concepts. Jane also worked with Golden Secondary School, completing with Grade 10-12 students a large clay Raku-fired mural on the theme of 'Origins', reflecting the diversity of the population of this small Interior town.


With her usual warm, engaging manner she was able to lead and guide a class of my senior art students through a ceramic project, producing a large Raku-fired tile hallway mural which now hangs in Golden Secondary School. The class is certainly proud of their individual creativity and the impressive collective result. Barry Johnson, Vice Principal, Golden Secondary
As an arts educator myself and a former member of the ArtStarts board, I am able to assess Jane's dedicated commitment to her professional growth and her passion to work in community, engaging with children, youth and adults in a collaborative art making process. Bill Usher, Director, Kicking Horse Culture

Project Examples

Clay Tile Mural

Using the theme of "Origins: how I or my family arrived here", the artist will introduce students to the concept of narrative in clay through discussion and examples of her own and other artists' work, followed by exercises to encourage students to start thinking about their own stories. Students will develop skills in construction and execution of ideas, and will research and choose, with help from the teacher and the artist, an event or person or abstract idea from their own origins. They will translate their ideas on to one or two clay tiles, which will form part of a group mural. The tiles will be bisque fired and glazed by the students, then Raku fired, which enables the students to see the entire transformative process of firing. Group cooperation will be encouraged, and each student will be given sufficient time to finish their work to their satisfaction. The mural will be assembled and mounted in the school as an illustration of the diversity of all our communities.

Finding Your Voice in Clay

Through a series of fun skill-building activities that will include basic methods of building with clay and discussion, the students will develop an image in clay that will reflect their sense of self within their community. They will then be able to complete their pieces through glazing and Raku firing. This can be either a 3D or tile project and could be assembled afterwards to present a picture of the student community.

Mask Project

After some discussion and looking at examples of the role of masks in theatre, dance, ceremony, etc, and some basic instruction in building with slabs and pinch and coil methods, each student will build a mask that reflects a strong emotion. There will be time for debriefing and discussion, and students will be encouraged to only discuss what feels safe to them. The masks will be bisque fired, and then glazed and Raku fired with the students.

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