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Jellyfish Project

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Roberts Creek
Languages: English

We are excited to introduce our new “Climate A-Chord” presentation for virtual, interactive delivery directly to students studying from both school and from home. Delivered by professional, young, eco-conscious musicians, and interwoven with musical performance, the Climate A-Chord presentation inspires youth to action by sharing a viable vision for a healthy, equitable and sustainable society, while highlighting how they can make an impact on a personal as well as systems-change level to address the biggest crises of our times: the environmental and climate emergencies. Note: In-person presentations will be offered when safe, and virtual will be ongoing.


It was great to see The Jellyfish Project in action. One of the best school presentations I've seen. The best part was how attentive the students were. Mark Lebbell, Outdoor Education Teacher, Sunshine Coast BC – February 2020
The Jellyfish Project visited our school last week and they were awesome. The presentation was polished and professional, and the message was clear. The students were clearly engaged, as shown by their questions and comments. The music, delivered by two members of the band Carmanah, was ridiculously impressive. Dave Stoddart, Teacher, Pender Harbour Secondary School - February 2020
The entire performance package was completely impressive. I rarely see that in high school message performances. I think a huge part of this was the presenters themselves. They were completely professional, engaging, phenomenal speakers, well-informed, confident/competent, reachable...the whole package! Not to mention WOW WOW WOW were they fabulous musicians! Their music was really accessible for students as well. MASSIVE KUDOS TO ALL OF YOU with the Jellyfish Project. You did a fantastic job creating a moving, real and relevant presentation for youth. Kaia Nielsen, Teacher, The Spider Program, Sunshine Coast BC - February 2020

Performances & Workshops

Jellyfish Project "Climate A-Chord"

Grade Suitability: Grades 7-9
Duration: 45-60 mins
Capacity: 600
Tech Requirements: Virtual presentations: WIFI, laptop/s, screen, portable mic / laptop mic, speakers, a school tech person for technical support Live, in-school presentations: large screen and projector, outlet
Fee Range: $740-$1545 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

The presentation features musical performances by a Jellyfish Project band interspersed with a TED Talk-style presentation and Q&A. Our message of hope helps to mitigate the fear and helplessness students may feel by empowering them with the knowledge that they can become instruments of change. The Jellyfish Project's primary presenters are Laura Mina Mitic and Pat Ferguson from the band “Carmanah.” Since 2014 they have delivered the JFP presentation to over 100 schools from Vancouver Island to Windsor, ON. On their travels and consistent with their values, Carmanah lessens their ecological footprint by fuelling their tour vehicle with used vegetable oil procured from restaurants along the way. Laura and Pat are passionate about using art as a form of activism. Their music is a portal to speak about the urgent need for systemic change to deal with the climate crisis.

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