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Joey Mallett

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, French
Contact Me: Email

Trained in Canada, the US and Africa, Joey Mallett works in a variety of mediums, including painting, wood-carving, sculpture, print-making, textiles, and paper-mache. She enjoys working in both 2 and 3 dimensions. Her murals can be seen around Vancouver and in many Lower Mainland schools. Joey annually facilitates lantern-making workshops for events such as Winter Solstice. She has taught carving, designed sets, built puppets and installations for local performance companies, VSB, and the Roundhouse. She currently teaches Mixed Media at The Artway in Vancouver. She is also a certified Expressive Arts therapist. Check out for the full spectrum of her work.


"She demonstrated excellent art skills, a ton of art knowledge, a collaborative approach to the project and a keenness to make the experience and end results as positive as possible for everyone involved. In fact, working with Joey was the best collaborative art experience that I have had to date in my 20 year career." Janice Schmidt, Drawing and Painting Teacher, Riverside Secondary

Project Examples

Expressive Drawing

Very early our insecurity and blocks to creativity develop. This workshop encourages individual freedom of expression and asks that the critic be left at the door. Exercises and discussion about the elements of art, design and mark-making, lead in to practical movement, beginning with moving our bodies to warm up. Working separately and together, students are invited to draw/paint with their whole arm and body, expressing themselves on a large format. The objective is more about process than outcome. Group murals could be the made on Tyvec, working with layering and stencils. Materials include: charcoal, paper, pencils, black and white gesso, acrylic paints.

Expressive Drawing/ Painting

Students are invited to explore mark-making on large size paper with full freedom of expression. Create a portable mural around a theme, using expressive drawing techniques.

Thinking Big

This is a step by step collaboration where students work together to source their material for a mural based on a theme. It includes brainstorming ideas, sketching, painting, designing, composition, and color theory, and could also include photo transfer, collage and other media. This project works well for any large-scale project, including banners, plywood installations, and fabric.

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