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Johnny MacRae

Discipline: Interdisciplinary, Theatre, Writing
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
Contact Me: (604) 928-3673 , Email

Johnny MacRae is a mouthy poet. A regional and national poetry slam champion, he has given over 200 performances, presenting collaborative and solo work at readings, as well as poetry, music and theatre festivals, since 2010. In that time, he has given over 300 workshops. He twice attended the Spoken Word residency at the Banff Centre, and was a three-time ensemble member at Victoria Spoken Word Festival. MacRae is one of Canadian spoken word's most active collaborators: a member of "spoken weird" duo 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac, its musical spinoff Cadillac Mountain Orchestra, and the experimental trio Travelin' Word Circus. MacRae co-directs Hullabaloo, an annual celebration of BC youth spoken word, and founded Word Camp: Youth Slam Intensive.


I've never really been one for writing poetry, but after your presentation, I was itching to write my own. Grade 11 Student, Earl Marriott Secondary
Johnny has the talent to energize even students disenfranchised from the study of English into taking a second look at poetry and literature. Each time Johnny has come to our school has been a highly successful learning experience for our students (and teachers, too!). Sophie Hamel, Salmon Arm Secondary
Every blue moon or so, you meet an artist who approaches his craft with such earnestness and integrity that it shifts the stars in your universe. Johnny MacRae is one of those artists. His performances and poetry work to constantly stretch our perceptions of poetry into unknown realms. Mary Pinkoski, Former Poet Laureate of Edmonton

Project Examples

Love Your Weird

Poetry has to be about your deepest, darkest secrets, right? Well, if this workshop has an answer, it's a pretty firm NO! Love Your Weird is about finding your authentic voice. While exercises allow space for students to get into difficult narratives, the focus to create a space in which students feel safe taking creative risks with each other. A heady mix of improv games and ridiculous writing exercises create an environment in which even the shyest student will feel safe speaking up. And it'll be so much fun, they won't even realize they're learning poetic techniques!

The Acting Object

The Acting Object builds off of a core practice in Johnny's writing - adopting an impersonal and/or non-human perspective to shed new light on a presumably known narrative. This approach can be used in any number of narratives: from finding vibrant life in the daily mundane (How does the shoe feel about the foot that wears it?) to discovering how objects can be vessels for stories (Rewriting an intergenerational history through the perspective of an heirloom) to exploring story as a way of learning new concepts (Explain a biological process by telling it as a story). The Acting Object offers the possibility of using literary arts to explore a vast array of subjects, while making writing more fun and engaging in general.

The Loneliest Number

In this workshop (or residency), poetry is a team sport! Goals include disrupting the belief that poetry or storytelling are solo activities, introducing techniques for creating group pieces and understanding possible uses of multi-voiced spoken word. The group splits into pairs or groups of three and works through a process that begins with individual free-writing and results in "group pieces," as they're called in slam. Participants learn different techniques for writing with a partner or partners, including ways of using multiple voices in performance to create different shades of emphasis and ways of bringing seemingly incompatible pieces of writing together.

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