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Julian Lawrence

Discipline: Storytelling, Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, French
Contact Me: Email , Web

Julian Lawrence is an award-winning cartoonist and educator specializing in comic books. Born in England and raised bilingual English-French in Québec, his work has been published and displayed internationally by Fantagraphics Books, Les Editions des Plaines, Conundrum Press, National Film Board of Canada, Penguin Books, Cartoon Network and Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. Julian has an MA in Art Education from the University of British Columbia and lives in Vancouver, Canada where he has just returned after helping to establish a three-year degree program in comics and graphic novels at Teesside University in the UK. His most recent work include the publication of two graphic novels: Drippy's Mama and The Red Drip of Courage, as well as contributions to the book The Bliss and Blisters of Early Career Teaching: A Pan-Canadian Perspective and SANE Journal: Sequential Art Narrative in Education. Julian's work concentrates on supporting students' communications through the hand-drawing of comics and cartooning. His research explores freehand narrative drawing and its impact on representations of artist identity. Investigations of these topics led him to combine theories of authorship with semiotic analysis of comics and create lessons that assist students in developing a voice, improving literacy, and negotiating conceptions of identity. As a bilingual artist/researcher/teacher, Julian delivers lessons in both English and French.


Julian has a strong aptitude for creative lesson planning and has demonstrated positive and supportive interactions with both parents and students. At the forefront of everything that Julian does is a solid understanding of the importance that the role of the arts plays in the life of the child. M.K. Grade 6/7 teacher, Sunrise Ridge Elementary, Vancouver
Julian does fantastic things with comics. M.S. Head of Department, Teesside University, UK
I've collaborated with Julian Lawrence on several ArtStarts projects in the last few years. He is a very knowledgeable and inspiring teacher. Our graphic novel projects have been huge successes. The students developed excellent drawing and storytelling techniques through his lessons. Over the years, several students have told me that working with Julian was the highlight of their year. N.M. Grade 4/5 teacher, Nootka Elementary, Vancouver

Project Examples

Aesop's Fables/Les fables d'Ésope

Grade Suitability: Grades 1 to 9 Duration: Four lessons between 1 and 1.5 hours each delivered weekly Capacity: 10 to 30 English and French Students create a one-page comic of an Aesop fable incorporating character, story and moral.

Novel Study/Le roman en BD

Novel Study Grade Suitability: Grades 4 to 12 Duration: Six 1.5 hour lessons delivered weekly Capacity: 10 to 30 English and French Students create a collaborative graphic novel adaptation of a book they are studying in class.

Welcome to Our World/Bienvenue dans notre monde

Grade Suitability: Grades K to 9 Duration: Four lessons between 1 and 1.5 hours each delivered weekly Capacity: 10 to 30 English and French Students create an original 6-panel page of cartoon art describing themselves, their family and their culture.

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