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Julie McIntyre

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
Contact Me: (604) 700-4985 , Email , Web

Julie McIntyre studied at the Banff Centre, Alberta in 1986 and received her BFA from Queen's University with a major in printmaking. She has had solo shows in 21 public galleries in Canada including most a preview of "Ghost Stories" at Britannia Art Gallery, Vancouver last fall, and participated in well over 40 juried exhibitions, including 22 international credits to date. Julie has taught workshops across Canada for over 30 years and has been a popular artist in residence with the Vancouver School Board and ArtStarts for nearly a decade.


Julie provided my Grade 10,11 and 12 art class with an engaging five-day printmaking residency. Several printmaking processes were demonstrated and the students were given much of the class time to experiment. This hands-on approach worked well in the class and the students had an extremely high level of engagement. They were all new to printmaking so this experience was of tremendous benefit to them. Sandra Sugimoto, Arts and Ceramics Teacher, Kitsilano Secondary
In speaking with and observing students, the benefits of this project have become clear. Our dynamic and diverse student population has been able to benefit from the differentiated instruction, opportunities for self-expression and ability to grow and express themselves as artists. It was wonderful to observe students fully engaged, participative, enthusiastic and proud. As many of our students have challenges with self-regulation and self-expression/communication, it was encouraging to see many students taking risks. Megan Davis, Principal, Queen Alexandra F.A.M.I.L.Y School
Julie McIntyre is not only a master artist, she is a gifted teacher. Her creativity, passion, knowledge and vision are visible each time she is working with our classes. Julie figured out ingenious ways to use everyday items to create a variety of printmaking experiences on a shoe string budget. She fostered confidence, risk-taking and self-identity throughout our project, and she provided lasting memories for both teachers and students. She is nothing short of amazing! Julie Gelson Kindergarten Teacher, Marion Collins, Teacher, Tecumseh

Project Examples

Quilting with Paper

As an award winning fibre artist, Julie works with a variety of patterned and textured papers so that students are engaged in the playfulness of the repeated image as they explore the traditions of quilt patterns using paper, scissors and glue. (Sewing and embroidery may be added for higher grades). All techniques and content may be adapted for each grade. Bookmaking may be incorporated into either workshop.

The Repeatable Image

As a master printmaker, Julie can introduce your class to non-toxic printmaking techniques including relief, collagraph, monotype, screen, drypoint, digital transfers and pronto plate lithography. Whichever medium, the marvels of surface treatment, negative space, mirror reversals, colour overlays and the playfulness of the repeated image will delight students.

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