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Kemi Craig

Discipline: Dance, Film / Video
Homebase: Victoria
Languages: English
Contact Me: Email

Kemi is a film and dance artist originally from the Southeastern U.S. She relocated to Canada after living in Japan where she taught in junior high and elementary schools. She completed her Master of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and over the course of her training has studied both film and dance locally and internationally. Currently she lives in Lkwungen and WSANEC territories (Victoria) where she continues her practice creating film installations for galleries and artist-run centres, facilitating workshops and performing with independent dance companies.


I have known Kemi for over ten years and have been able to see her artistic practice develop from a more conventional filmmaking practice to a more conceptual based film practice. I have invited her into my class several times to speak about her arts practice and do workshops as well as to sit on the board of Open Space (artist-run centre). Artistically, her work serves as a challenging critique of the possibilities and limitations that we inhabit or project onto others as we negotiate gendering and racialization as a society. What I appreciate about Kemi's work is her way of distilling these complex concepts into personal, accessible and engaging conversations through the process of making art. Given the opportunity, I would welcome discussing my experience of Kemi's work and collaborating with her. Trudi L. Smith, Independent Artist/Instructor, University of Victoria

Project Examples


I work with students to build mini projectors for smartphones or photograph out of shoeboxes. This project combines DIY practice and aesthetics while combining contemporary modes of capturing images with very basic analogue tools to not only share with other students but creating a space where multiple stories and voices can be experienced simultaneously. It lends itself to discussions of identity, power as well as community building through art.

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