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Laura McGregor

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Terrace
Languages: English
Contact Me: (250) 615-8193 , Email , Web

Laura is an artist living in Northern British Columbia with her beautiful son and daughter, who both inspire and encourage her each and every day. Laura is a graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art's School of Drawing and Painting (2006). She received her Bachelor Degree of Fine Art from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (2004) where she focused on painting and art history, and dabbled in textiles. This love of fabric, colour and texture has carried throughout her art since 2004. Since 2007, Laura has enjoyed working in the classrooms of Northern BC.


What a great opportunity to work with a community artist! Grade 10 Student, Caledonia Secondary
I want to do it again! Mother-Daughter Painting Team, Terrace Art Gallery
It was fun challenging myself and completing the project. Thank you. Grade 11 Student, Caledonia Secondary

Project Examples

Colour Theory Through Paint

Laura has worked in a variety of classrooms in Northern BC developing an understanding of colour mixing and colour theory using simply the primary colours and classroom paints. Students are asked to choose an image with a variety of colours and challenge themselves to make matching paint colours. Students quickly learn to speak in colour terms and defining properties, such as tone, value, hue, shade, etc. It is a wonderful, easy lesson that can be taught with simple classroom watercolours.

Mixed Media on Linen

Students are given the opportunity to create with paint, fabric and paper, adding various mediums and textures in the classroom to create a composition that appeals to them - realistic or abstract. This project allows students to "think outside the box" and branch out from the often "paint on canvas/paper". Supplies and examples are brought into the classroom for students to discuss, feel and experiment with. Students soon learn to "look" for what will work to complete their image(s) without the restrictions of paint mediums alone. The results are fun and surprising and absolutely unique!

Self Portraits: Personal Discovery Through the Eyes of An Artist (Selfies vs Self Portraits)

Laura worked with three Grade 10/11/12 classes at Caledonia Senior Secondary in Terrace, BC to create self-portraits. The choice of wood panels was decided upon by the teacher and artist to keep the project uniform. By exploring personal identity and the interconnectedness of the individual to art history and various art forms, each of the 60 students completed finished forms that they were proud of. These works hung in two public locations where the students shared their plans and demos of becoming comfortable working with facial proportions, working in and onto wood as a medium, and sharing their experience in artist statements.

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