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Leah Bailly

Discipline: Film / Video, Writing
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Contact Me: Email

I am a multimedia writer and publisher who loves introducing students of all ages to digital art projects. I like to combine all kinds of audiovisual materials including music, creative writing, photography and video to make multimedia projects such as podcasts, web-magazines and electronic stories. This is a wonderful way to explore issues that matter to young people-- in mediums they find fun and engaging. By using the tools of our digital culture, we make innovative, fun, dynamic story-telling projects. My own work has appeared online and in print journals and anthologies across the US and Canada and on CBC and NPR radio. I have won awards from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Yaddo Centre for the Arts, Breadloaf, Graywolf, and the Alberta Literary Awards. I hold a PhD in Creative Writing & Literature from the University of Southern California, where I was the Editor-in-Chief of Gold Line Press.


Leah stimulated insightful and thought provoking conversation and was open to new ideas. She was encouraging and open minded about my writing. I love our final project, it really makes me proud of our class and our community. Student, Age 16
Leah Bailly's passion was apparent throughout the entire workshop. Her ability to relate to us made the discussion comfortable and productive. She is very personable and an empathetic listener. I wrote about things I wouldn't feel comfortable about normally. Student, Age 16

Project Examples

School of Rock

This workshop uses GarageBand to create new musical tracks. We will try using samples, home-made beats and digital instrumentation to create new music. Then we create band names, images and album covers, and either together or in groups, we will create a sequenced radio intro. At the end of workshop we have a BATTLE OF THE BAND... Students perform their original track for their peers. A few thematic ideas: We’ll discuss what makes modern media so effective. We'll discuss musical genres. We’ll make rock-star names (using the ancient formula.) And we'll talk about what really makes a great song.


The podcast has become a new addictive art form, in both storytelling and journalism. In this workshop, we develop a serial podcast in which every class member participates. We will write a story together in open-source documents. We will use GarageBand to record and edit our podcast. And we will learn how to disseminate the podcast to the world. This workshop focuses on collaborative creative projects, narrative structure, plural voices and issues that matter to the students.

Tiger Beat

Twenty years ago, we depended on print magazines like Tiger Beat to inform us of the latest in pop culture news. Today, we can mass self-produce our own magazine via our own news outlets. In this workshop, we make our own magazine publication using InDesign-- we can each write short articles about figures we admire from the arts, and we can curate those articles into a large-scale online magazine! Students will learn about photo-doctoring, media spin, celebrity culture and all the moving pieces of publishing in th digital world.

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