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Liam Fitzpatrick

Discipline: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Music
Homebase: Nelson
Languages: English
Contact Me: (250) 509-0344 , Email

Artist Liam Fitzpatrick's passion for rhythm and movement is contagious in the classroom. Liam's primary focus is weaving physical, fun and cooperative activities into curriculum such as physical education, history, social studies, music and geography. Working side-by-side with educators, Liam tailors each experience to the needs of the specific classroom dynamics and agenda.


As a teacher of almost 30 years, I feel I can spot someone who has the knack and passion to lead/teach kids and adults. Liam Fitzpatrick is one of those people. He brings cultural sensitivity to the teaching of Capoeira, the knowledge and practice necessary to learn Capoeira and joy to the students he teaches! Marty Manley, Lincoln Options Elementary, Olympia, WA
Liam was a outstanding instructor. He was able to structure his teaching so that the children took things step-by-step, with a pace that suited them. He had an excellent rapport with the children and was able to motivate them with personalized instruction and partnering. I am very thankful for Liam's contribution - through his dedication, he has positively impacted my class and given them great learnings and memories. Michael Stein, Lincoln Options Elementary, Olympia, WA
Liam worked in our school with all of the our students. He was very knowledgeable, organized and kind. He even has classroom management skills! The students enjoyed their drumming lessons and the opportunity to create a student-led movement, rhythm and drumming presentation. My own daughter who is in Grade 2 asked for a drum this year at Christmas and is constantly practicing beats and rhythms around the house with some serious attention to skill and technique. Thank you, Liam, for your hard work and creativity! Stacey Solomon, Winlaw Elementary

Project Examples

Capoeira Kids

Students learn the fundamental moves, songs and history of the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira. After several weeks a demonstration is held for the school and parent body. The children are exposed to culture, art and positive te-m building skills through physical play. Learning martial arts in the form of a dance to traditional music provides a unique experience for the students. Capoeira has no physical contact. The primary focus is to create a fluid conversation of movement with your partner. Capoeira can give children a new option for physical play emphasizing focus, coordination and cooperation.

Natural Expressions

In this project students will exploring nature cycles and patterns specific to the territory in which they live through rhythm and movement. Seasonal changes, animal behaviour and other natural phenomena are explored. The children then create a presentation for their community using movement and rhythm instruments to tell a story of the region in which they live. Completely student-led, this program allow maximum creative potential to blossom!

Poucos Bateristas: Samba

Liam works with the children weekly, teaching the history, culture and rhythms of samba. With a number of different percussion instruments all levels of ability can participate in creating these amazing traditional rhythms! Upon completion the students perform at an assembly. Playing percussion while in motion is excellent for brain integration and coordination. Samba gives the children a fun and stimulating medium for teamwork and inclusion. Liam works with the needs of the school and educators to use rhythm and culture to excite and engage the students learning experience.

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