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Lori Sherritt-Fleming

Discipline: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Storytelling, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Richmond
Languages: English
Contact Me: (778) 319-6524 , Email , Web

Lori Sherritt-Fleming is an award winning author, storyteller, actor and publisher whose passion for combining arts and curriculum has fuelled her success as an international arts educator for 25 years. She is an outstanding collaborator and has worked in respectful partnership with Indigenous, Korean, Chinese, Sikh and numerous other communities. Her awareness and application of multiple intelligences mean that her work is infused with ample opportunities for experimentation with all modalities including dance, visual art, technology and music. She graduated in Theatre from Brock University and the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. She comes from a family of Seanchai (Irish storytellers) and founded the The Tickle Trunk Players and Tickle Trunk Publications, promoting a life long love of literacy. She has performed at the Vancouver International Children's Festival, the Richmond Children's Arts Festival and created the Poet's Zone at the Surrey International Children's Festival. Lori specializes in publishing books written by students and in producing student generated, curriculum-based plays. She has been a mentor artist with the Creative Writing for Children Society and founded and an acting and writing academy with R.L. Education. Hungry for Math: Poems to Munch On, written with Kari-Lynn Winters and published by Fitzhenry and Whiteside, won the Rainforest of Reading award in 2016. Hungry for Science came out in 2018. Lori can design a residency tailored for the specific needs and focus of your school or classroom.


I highly recommend her as a presenter. I was drawn to her presentation as she was entrancing. She is excellent at managing these large groups. Her pacing and fun spirit kept even the busiest children focused on her. Lauralee Edgell, Principal, 8th Ave Elementary
Lori made the unit come alive! Is was a festive, active and unique experience for the children. They learned more about each other and how people around the globe can be united through celebrations. Lori's work really supported the children being introduced to the attitudes of appreciation and tolerance. Ms Richards, Teacher, Brockton Preparatory School, North Vancouver

Project Examples

Play 'writes', Storytellers, Authors and Artists!

This residency brings out the author and artist in everyone! Working with a curriculum focus of your choice, Lori devises "literary lessons" featuring various creative writing forms uncommonly used in the classroom. Using drama and visual art as inspirational prompts, students write and edit their own stories and poems and complete colourful illustrations that are then published in a perfect bound, glossy book that can be made available to the school, family and friends. Students may also research, write, retell and perform stories from various cultures that exist in the public realm.

Story Storm!

Lori's storytelling and author residencies have been described as spirited, energetic and engaging. She delights students of all ages and cultures and keeps them riveted with a wide array of tales in the public realm from across the globe. Her storytelling visits include find your voice warm ups and invite everyone to get in touch with their inner tale spinner. She includes stimulating and seemingly magical visuals calling on her Celtic ancestry to help her introduce the art of draw and tell adventures. She is particularly good at addressing large audiences and can adapt her stories to any theme. Her author visits are done with dramatic flare and audience members are often called upon to join her onstage and play with words. Lori outlines and issues several author challenges that showcase a variety of writing styles, encouraging students to try this at home (or at school). She puts the fun in the fundamentals of literacy and will inspire a storm of stories to fill your hearts and bookshelves!


Words are powerful tools whether you manipulate a solid few or employ a symphonic array of them. This cross-curricular and age-appropriate workshop or residency allows you to choose the inspiration whether it be science, math, language arts or social science. You will explore how poetry, prose, narrative, recounts and scene writing can be both stretched in their most expressive forms and condensed (à la text messaging). Tech tools such as Wordle, Sketchfu and Tagxedo can be applied. Words and stories come alive as students connect with them using technology. An optional outcome includes a student generated publication using print on demand or digital media (podcasts, e-books or webcasts).

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