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Lori Sherritt-Fleming

Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Homebase: Richmond
Languages: English
Grant Eligibility: Eligible to apply for AIC

Lori Sherritt-Fleming, is an award winning/author/storyteller/actor/publisher whose passion for combining arts and curriculum has fuelled her success as an international arts educator. An outstanding collaborator she has worked in respectful partnership with Indigenous, Korean, Chinese and Sikh communities among others worldwide. Her awareness/application of multiple intelligences provide ample opportunities for experimentation with all arts modalities. She has theatre degrees from Brock University and the Gaiety School of Acting in Ireland. From a family of Seanchai (Irish storytellers) Lori founded the The Tickle Trunk Players, performing at the Vancouver International Children's Festival, the Richmond Children's Arts Festival and the Surrey International Children's Festival. She was a mentor artist with the Creative Writing for Children Society, and founded an acting/writing academy with R.L. Education. Her book, Hungry for Math: Poems to Munch On won the Rainforest of Reading award. The rest of this STEAM based poetry series is due out shortly.

Classroom Residency(ies)

Contact Me: (778) 319-6524, Email, Web

"Inside and Outside Voices"--Students as Storytellers, Authors and Artists

School Year: 23-24

From the beginning, through the middle, to the end, this residency brings out the author and artist in everyone! Working with a curriculum focus of your choice, Lori devises "literary lessons" featuring various creative writing forms uncommonly used in the classroom. Using drama and visual art as inspirational prompts, students write and edit their own stories and poems and complete colourful pieces of artwork that can then be published in a perfect bound, glossy book or incorporated into a piece of public art inside the school or around a garden space. Suitable for classroom or full school infusions.

Possi-BUILD-ities: Stories Through Puppetry and Playwriting

School Year: 23-24

Anything is possible-BUILD-able! Creativity, critical thinking, collaborations and communication skills are the foundations of this versatile residency. Using public realm or issue based stories and topics or by drawing on those that live in their imaginations students build their own stories or retellings from scratch and then bring them to the stage! Students employ traditional drama techniques or build puppets or masks as a vehicle for their voices. Possi-BUILD-ities puts the fun in the fundamentals of literacy and will inspire a ream of readable and performable stories to fill your hearts and bookshelves!


School Year: 23-24

Words are powerful tools whether you manipulate a solid few or employ a symphonic array of them. This cross-curricular and age-appropriate workshop or residency allows you to choose the inspiration whether it be science, math, language arts or social science. Students explore how poetry, prose, narrative, recounts and scene writing can be both stretched in their most expressive forms and condensed (à la text messaging) then captured, edited and shared using technology. Process based, students hone their inquiry and critical thinking skills while exploring traditional and modern research methods. Students get plugged in to how to use technology responsibly to research, inquire and to formulate and express their own opinions using i-pads, tablets and phones. Optional outcomes include a student generated publication using print on demand or digital media (podcasts, e-books, webcasts or rants).

Testimonials & Reviews

I highly recommend Lori as a presenter and artist in residence. I was drawn to her presentations and in class workshops as she was entrancing. She is excellent at managing large groups and different personalities. Her pacing, information and fun spirit keep even the busiest children focused on her and their learning. Lauralee Edgell, Principal, 8th Ave Elementary
Lori made the unit come alive! Is was a festive, active and unique experience for the children. They learned more about each other and how people around the globe can be united through celebrations. Lori's work really supported the children being introduced to the attitudes of appreciation and tolerance. Ms Richards, Teacher, Brockton Preparatory School, North Vancouver

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