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Madame Beespeaker

Discipline: Interdisciplinary, Music, Storytelling, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English

Lori Weidenhammer is a Vancouver performance-based interdisciplinary artist originally from Saskatchewan. She is the author of a new book called Victory Gardens for Bees: A DIY Guide to Saving the Bees, published by Douglas and MacIntyre. For the past several years she has been appearing as the persona Madame Beespeaker. As a food security volunteer and activist, Weidenhammer works with students of all ages on eating locally and gardening for pollinators. She is passionate about art that that transforms the relationship between the artist and the viewer and creates community bonds.


Everyone really enjoyed the workshop and the gallery was abuzz with energy. When the workshop was over, no one wanted to leave. ArtStarts Blog, October 2012

Project Examples

Meet the Queen Bee

Have a blast meeting the Queen and acting out the jobs in the honeybee hive.

Zen Doodle Bees

Stay calm and draw bees with Madame Beespeaker. Learn about bee anatomy and create your own amazing bee drawings.

Bee Basics with Madame Beespeaker

Let's go outside and have a bee safari, learning about some of the most common bees in Vancouver. Then using natural materials and storytelling, we'll share the stories of the bees.

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