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Nickie Lewis

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Burnaby BC
Regions Available: Lower Mainland, Virtual
Languages: English
Themes: Mental Health, LGBTQ2SIA+, Anti-Bullying, Climate Change and/or Environmentalism

Nickie Lewis is a visual artist who currently specializes in creating organic eco-sculptures using sticks, moss, and other plants. She aims to use her art to help educate people about the impact we have on our environment, and to help spread a little earthly magic into unexpected places.

Materials used for the residency will be gathered from the areas nearest the school if it is to remain outside. If the project will live inside materials can be foraged elsewhere and brought in.


Individual class workshop

School Year: 23-24
Offered Languages: English
Grade Suitability: 3 - 12
Duration: 2-4 hours
Capacity: 25
Available Formats: In Person

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

I will come into the classroom and teach students how to create grade appropriate eco sculptures made with natural materials.

Classroom Residency(ies)

Contact Me: 604-356-34423, Email, Web

Nickie Lewis

School Year: 23-24

I create sculptures from organic materials such as sticks, moss, and Ivy. These sculptures are intended to be left outside to decompose and be consumed by the surrounding ecosystem. This is a multi-month(1 semester) classroom residency would include planning, gathering materials for and completing a large-scale eco-sculpture on school grounds. This project would ideally incorporate the lesson plans for a science class and become an outdoor science experiment that students could create hypothesis for, monitor over time, and draw conclusions from thier findings.

Testimonials & Reviews

I like the dragon Nikki built, because if I get a pet dragon I can fly it. Anthony I like the Chubaka because it makes me feel happy. Aoife I like the raven, because it makes me happy. Ashley I like the mermaid, because it can swim. Benjamin We are Ms Spracklin’s Kindergarten children from Second Street Community School. We have been hiking in the forest and we have been finding your animals and creatures.

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