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Paige Smith

Discipline: Film/Video
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
Grant Eligibility: Eligible to apply for AIC

Paige Smith is an experimental filmmaker and media artist based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. She has previously taught filmmaking at VIVO Media Arts Centre and The Cinematheque. When teaching, Smith encourages questions and loves to empower her students. She is an avid proponent of curiously exploring life, whether that be approaching unique art forms, empathy towards others, or how to search out new knowledge. Smith loves working alongside youth, and is constantly inspired by the innovative ideas her young students develop. She received her BFA in Film from Simon Fraser University in 2018. Her artwork often uses reflexive techniques to investigate viewer perceptions and the possibilities of her mediums. Her work has recently been seen at the VINES Art Festival (20), Dawson City Film Festival (20), Victoria Short Film Festival (19), and the Digital Carnival at the Richmond World Fest (19).

Testimonials & Reviews

Paige is a phenomenal instructor, filling all the boxes; warm, intelligent, approachable and constructive. Her feedback and teaching methods made me feel completely safe and provided me with so much knowledge and confidence. I could not recommend this [workshop] more... I wouldn't hesitate to take another workshop with Paige. She is phenomenal. Anonymous student - Intro to Cinematography Course
Paige was fantastic at verbally explaining the technical components of cameras and lights. She was extremely thorough and it was even more helpful when she used visual examples and hands-on exercises. She used a variety of teaching methods for a variety of learning styles. She encouraged us to ask questions and always had a clear response. I appreciated her awareness, empathy, and fun personality. Anonymous student - Intro to Camera & Lighting for Women
Paige is a creative and dedicated teacher whose passion for her art-making inspires her students. When working together, she was consistently able to provide clear demonstrations while allowing students to construct their own creations and arrive at their own conclusions. She is able to integrate skills and knowledge from a variety of subject areas through her instructions in filmmaking, such as history, technical skills and gender studies. Devan Scott, Filmmaking Instructor, VIVO Media Arts Centre

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