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Phillip Chin

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: New Westminster
Languages: English

Phillip Chin is a professional photographer who works across Canada. He studied photography in Canada and the United States. His passion is hands-on photographic processes like tintype photography from the 1850s. He teaches workshops on tintypes, ambrotypes, polaroid, photograms, pinhole and many other topics in art centres, schools and galleries in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.


I have had countless students, teachers and parents tell me that this was the coolest project they have ever seen. Phillip was not only an amazing photographer, but he is an even better teacher of his craft. He was spectacular to collaborate with and I would plead with anyone who has the opportunity to work with him to find a way to incorporate his photography techniques into your teaching plan. Scott Walters
Phil is a natural teacher who demonstrates vast knowledge of his profession and enthusiastically teaches students about the historic background behind the process he teaches. His detailed lessons are extremely organized and well planned for students of all abilities. He includes excellent examples of his work using the process he teaches so students have a preset to know where they are heading. He brings all materials and equipment needed for his lessons and teaches each step sequentially so students can follow instructions easily. Maisie P. Lam

Project Examples

Pinhole Photography

Students will learn how to build a pinhole camera out of a cardboard box. Then they will take photos using photographic paper as their filmand develop their prints in a portable darkroom.

Tintype Photography

Students will learn an 1850s photographic process called tintype (wet plate) photography where they will learn to make photographic images on metal plates and take photos of each other using a historical wooden camera. They will create and develop the image on the metal plate. Students will see the difference between creating an image by hand and taking an image with their phone.

Photograms (Lumen Prints)

Students will create photographic images without a camera or phone. They will use plants, fruit, vegetables or any organic material to make unique images onto photographic paper with a piece of glass and the sun.

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