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Randy Jernidier

Discipline: Storytelling
Homebase: Vancouver
Regions Available: Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley &, Howe Sound, Vancouver Island Lower, Vancouver Island Mid, Vancouver Island North, Interior, North, Remote, Kootenays, Virtual
Languages: English, French
Themes: Mental Health

Randy Jernidier is a Storyteller from Guadeloupe. Coming from a family of storytellers, he grew up in dark theater rooms watching plays and movies. Today he’s the one telling stories through acting, poetry, music and stand up comedy. He has performed all over the place from Kelowna to San Francisco going by Northern BC and Montreal. Based out of Vancouver, Randy J uses his comedic abilities and his strong cultural background to tell stories of the world from a point of view most haven’t heard yet.


Let's tell a story

School Year: 23-24
Discipline: Music, Theatre, Dance, Storytelling, Interdisciplinary, Spoken Word, Writing
Offered Languages: English, French
Grade Suitability: K - 12
Duration: 1 to 2 hours depending on period time.
Capacity: 30
Tech Requirements: pen and paper for all the participants
Available Formats: In Person, Virtual

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

Telling a good story is a good skill anyone can benefit from and use in any situation. From public speaking to hanging out with loved ones. A good story is always welcome and we all have one to tell. The Tell me a Story workshop encourages children to create and share stories through creative games. My intention with Tell Me a Story is to create a supportive space for children to be creative and share stories. By the end of the workshop the goal is for children to understand the importance of their story and the control they have over their narrative. If you can write your story you can create a better future for yourself.

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