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Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth

Discipline: Film / Video
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
Contact Me: (604) 720-7558 , Email , Web

Bring Filmmaking to Your Classroom Students conceive, plan, shoot, edit and screen short films that speak about their lives and their community. Our team works in partnership with classroom teachers to develop an interactive, immersive program that fosters artistic expression for students. Students learn basic filmmaking techniques and tips, storyboarding, lighting and camera skills, editing and sound. Workshop Options: Animation: Students make expressive and imaginative animation using stop motion techniques. Digital Storytelling: Digital stories are first-person narratives that are illustrated with animation, photographs, music, video clips, and some live action. Students are guided through the stages of preparation, script writing, image selection and the editing of their stories. Documentary: Students learn how to use film to ask hard-hitting questions and tell real-life stories about issues they care about. iPad Workshop: This workshop encourages students to create unique short videos about local history.


The students put in a hard day's work and felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Your workshop is challenging, fun, exciting and rewarding. It promotes true collaboration between the students and they loved it! Deborah Roos, École Jules Quesnel
The mentors were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. Calvin Pitt, Participant
Thank you so much for organizing the opportunity for our students to be involved with the Reel 2 Real video production crew. The instructors were amazing! Skilled, professional, knowledgeable, we couldn't have asked for more! We are hooked! The video produced was really well done and even inspired the instructors! Donna Armstrong, Teacher, Crescent Heights High School, Medicine Hat

Project Examples

BC Stories

BC Stories empowers students to conceive, plan, shoot, edit and screen short films that speak about their lives and their community: its art, culture and history. Through the creative medium of digital filmmaking, students will gain powerful leadership skills, a deepened connection with their local community, and an enriched capacity for learning through media creation. This is an interactive, immersive program that fosters artistic expression for students, and a collaborative project that works in partnership with artists, classroom teachers and school administration. Using low-cost, accessible technology, students will have the opportunity to explore, document and share their local histories. The program encourages participation of parents and community members. It will also reinforce English language skills for English language learners. We teach animation and documentary, using digital cameras and computers or iPads.

Documenting Youth Activism

Working with two professional filmmakers, students received an opportunity to write, direct and produce short documentary films about youth activism. Students were involved in all aspects of production: storyboarding, camera-work, sound, and editing. Using low cost, accessible technology (ipad minis) provided by the school, students explored, documented, and shared their stories.Two filmmakers spent 3.5 days over a three-week period. During that first week, participants worked in pairs to discuss, decide on, and plan their stories. They gained practice interviewing each other, did research on youth activism, and wrote interview questions. During the second week, the filmmakers and teachers accompanied students to a high school, where students interviewed youth activists. The filmmakers reviewed the footage and made suggestions for editing, titles and music. During the third week of the project, students logged their footage, took photographs, and continued filming. On the last day, they edited their stories, adding music, sound, and narration. There was an in-class screening at the end of the final day.

Our World

An interactive and intergenerational program, Our World fosters artistic expression among Indigenous youth across British Columbia. Through the medium of film, participants learn to create short films that speak to their local history, language, culture, and their place in it. Mentored by professional artists, youth develop film production skills, and a deepened connection with their local community, oral histories, and traditions.

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