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Rhythm Resource

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English

Graduating in June 2000 with a BMus (Honours) in Jazz Music, I became a professional session musician touring, recording, filming and performing throughout the UK. At that time, I established Infectious Grooves Ltd, a company that delivers percussion workshops and training. This was a huge success. Since that time we have delivered thousands of workshops for students of all ages, from preschool to high school, and all abilities, including students with special needs, behavioral challenges and learning difficulties. We have delivered hundreds of hands-on training sessions for teachers including Pro-D workshops and classroom coaching sessions. I have a passion for percussion and educating students and teachers to use percussion in accessible creative ways so that everyone can experience the enjoyment of creative expression, whatever age, stage and ability they are. 'Never too young, never too old. Release the rhythm! Release the soul!'


Daniel Duggan and his company Rhythm Resource have been valued partners of Midlothian school District (Scotland, UK) for over eight years. During this time they have successfully introduced around 1,200 primary school pupils per year to percussion/music education. They are active in every Elementary school and special needs school in Midlothian, and are held in the highest esteem by pupils, parents, teaching staff and school management. This has a been an exceptionally fruitful partnership, from our Education Division's point of view, and indeed our young percussionists have gone on to win the Scottish Youth Percussion Ensemble Championship on two out of the last three years - these achievements could not have possible were it not for the early input of Daniel Duggan. Our schools have experienced and are experiencing a whole range of percussion instruments, and are supported by Rhythm Resource to put on performances both in their schools and in their local communities. I have no hesitation in recommending Daniel Duggan and Rhythm Resource to other school districts and independent schools. Jake Heriot, Creative Arts Officer, Midlothian Education, Scotland
I've worked with Daniel Duggan for many years and he has continually delivered exceptional drumming and percussion projects in our schools. He's great at motivating and inspiring both students and pupils. He has a vast experience of working in education, developing the musiscianship and inter-personal skills of young people. Pupils and teachers are always fully captivated and have lots of fun! Nancy Douglas, West Lothian Arts Officer, Scotland
Daniel has worked in partnership with our school for many years. The pupil workshops have been excellent, where all children have been included in music making, using various percussion instruments and drums. Daniel is highly skilled. He motivates and engages superbly with all ages and stages. I highly recommend Daniel to every other organizations or schools, and continue to look forward to his participation in our school. Sharon Smith, Principal, Strathesk School, Scotland

Project Examples

Beats from Brazil

The carnival atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro captured within the pulsating rhythms of Latin America. Secondary students learn how to play multiple untuned Latin American percussion instruments to create interweaving polyrhythms and play ensemble breaks and fills. Teachers learn how to facilitate a percussion workshop and lead a samba band. This project develops every participant's timing and ensemble skills. It reinforces musical concepts: ostinato, dynamics (cresendo, diminuendo), note value and time signatures. It reinforces musicianship: listening, playing together, ensemble etiquette. It reinforces orchestral skills: following the conductor, interlocking rhythmic phrases, greater awareness of sectional divisions and how they work together as a whole. Universal musical skills and concepts are caught and taught in a physical, fun and memorable way, with lasting impact and application in the future.

African Drumming for Excellence

Drumming is at the core of African culture and in this project pupils will learn how to play untuned African percussion, creating their own multiple rhythms in a physical fun way that enhances the memory retention and recall of educational information right across the curriculum. Using djembe drums, djun djun drums, bells and shakers to create syllabic rhythms and create rhythmically enhanced stories, this is an innovative time-tested creative project that engages students of all ages and abilities.

Afro-Peruvian Percussion Playshop

Pupils will learn how to play untuned Afro-Peruvian percussion, creating their own multiple rhythms in a physical fun way that enhances their creativity and confidence. Using cajon drums, bells, claves and shakers to create syllabic rhythms and create rhythmically enhanced stories, this is an innovative time-tested creative project that engages students of all ages and abilities. The cajon is a relatively unknown drum, often called a "drum kit in a box"; it originates from Peru and is steeped in a rich culture. Through this project, students actively engage in cultural history while learning new creative and musical skills on this versatile drum.

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