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Runaway Moon Theatre

Discipline: Theatre
Homebase: Grindrod
Languages: English

Runaway Moon Theatre bringing worlds to life through puppets, simple magic, and live music. Marionettes (string puppets) are the foundation of our practice, which began in the 80's touring schools in Quebec and Ontario. While we've explored many styles and techniques, we revisit marionette theatre every few years, finding inspiration in its handmade marvels and deep collaboration. The present offering was created through a Youth Mentorship project.


"...a simple and classic story that drew the audience in with its mix of humour, magic and audacity. What really topped off the performance was the excitement and pride with which the four performers came out to meet the audience... they eagerly took the viewers into the bones of the performance, showing puppets sets and props, deconstructing the experience without spoiling the magic!" -Jaci, audience member
"... for students to witness what can be achieved when the imagination is challenged and when a group of people commits to a common purpose is one of the most meaningful lessons that can be taught..." -Celia, audience member and high school teacher
"... a great play for young people to learn about the environment and a great antidote to the digital age and its impact on young imaginations..." - James, audience member and theatre artist

Performances & Workshops

Only Availible until June 30th

Robin and the Timeless Forest

Grade Suitability: K -8
Duration: 45 mins.
Capacity: 300
Tech Requirements: 1 outlet, 20' X 20' performing area
Fee Range: $695 - $795 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

Robin lives in a walled village surrounded by a deep forest, where everything is ordered and predictable. When the village gate is cracked open for the first time in living memory, Robin and the villagers begin a transformative journey. This adventure plays out within a small proscenium, equipped with a theatrical curtain, lighting, lavish scenery, and magical effects. Four hidden puppeteers manipulate more than a dozen characters and advance the plot in four-part harmony.

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