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Sandi Henrich

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Victoria
Languages: English

Sandi Henrich is a Victoria-based artist and art teacher. Sandi has been developing art programs and delivering visual art classes and workshops throughout the community since 2002. Her approach is centered on encouraging creative expression and process-based art exploration. Sandi has an educational background in visual arts and a degree in Art History. Her own art-making is inspired by a love of colour, shape and pattern. Sandi sees art as a teaching tool that can connect students to other areas of curriculum. Her art workshops are all about learning by doing. Projects are designed to give the students a sense of accomplishment, pride in their work and confidence in their own abilities. Sandi is certified by the BC Ministry of Education to teach visual art in independent schools.


The children had a wonderful time today. What a great art experience you provided for them. Their creations are just gorgeous! Way to go! The art program is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for offering this opportunity to the children. The teachers have already displayed most of the artwork. It looks very impressive and so creative in the Centre right now. Thank you, thank you, I am thrilled! Junior Kindergarten Teacher, Cathedral School
I just wanted to formally say WOW! What a tremendous experience this morning's painting workshop was for my class. The creations are incredible and the kids were buzzing with pride over their accomplishments. You arrived completely on top of all organization pieces. That was a treat for me and allowed smooth transitions and engaged kids! Teacher, École Macaulay Elementary
This year our school is honoured to work exclusively with Sandi Henrich to continue the artist in residence program. Sandi delivered a visual arts workshop to every division, custom-designed for each grade. Sandi brings a warm enthusiasm, caring patience and sense of fun to her workshops while drawing the creativity out of each child. Visual Arts Committee, École Margaret Jenkins Elementary

Project Examples

Mixed Media Workshops and Residencies

Sandi develops visual art projects and workshops that engage students in a dynamic creative process and deepen connections to the school curriculum. Workshops are designed to offer age-appropriate projects that encourage the students to use their skills of observation, learn about the fundamental principles of art, and use a variety of art materials and techniques in a supportive and creative environment. Sandi works with students in a variety of media; including painting, drawing, collage, printmaking and mixed-media projects. Sandi's artist residencies include collaborative school-wide printmaking inspired by the natural environment, the many ways to approach a self-portrait, and a series of painting workshops inspired by Canadian artists. Sandi is happy to work with teachers to develop a project tailored to a specific theme or subject.

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