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Sandy Scofield - Iskwew Singers

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
Contact Me: (604) 762-2622 , Email

I am a First Nations musician who holds a Bachelor Degree in music. I am currently working on my fifth CD of original music, having won many awards for my previous releases. I have also led innumerable classroom workshops with children and youth having toured throughout BC in 2008 through ArtStarts.


I have had both the opportunity and pleasure to have Sandy Scofield come into three of my schools in Vancouver, where she shared traditional First Nations music and cultural teachings with elementary students. During her hour-long traditional music sessions, Sandy fully engaged the students and staff in cultural dance and song, storytelling and teachings. Both students and staff were in awe of the knowledge, music and approachability that Sandy demonstrated. Students and staff alike are asking to see more to Sandy in the future. Karen Lepine-McFeeters, Aboriginal Education Enhancement Worker, Vancouver School Board

Project Examples

Plains First Nations Music

I wear plains regalia and bring extra drums and rattles with me singing social songs in Cree where I explain the stories behind the songs and their place in cultural practice in advance of performing each. Drums, rattles and regalia are all explained and I invite the children up to perform with me, ending the performance in a classroom round dance.

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