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Susie Green

Discipline: Dance
Homebase: Surrey
Languages: English
Contact Me: (604) 836-6768 , Email

Susie is a dance artist and educator whose work focuses on engaging students and teachers to fulfill their dance and music related projects, in an innovative way. Susie's approaches and tools are diverse. Using all dance disciplines, Susie teaches both directed and creative movement, through exciting ensemble work and dance literacy. Susie has worked with over one million students in schools worldwide. Susie demystifies teaching movement in the school environment through her collaborative process and creative perspective. Susie's projects are a special combination of her life work in choreography and her knowledge of movement patterns, and learning styles in children. Susie is thoughtful in her work and always honours the student and the learning process. Her attention and connection to cultural communities, includes Indigenous, South East Asian, Muslim and Sikh populations. She is in great demand as a motivational speaker, workshop presenter and instructor. She has taught in over 20 countries worldwide. She has been invited to attend four World Fairs and the United Nations Conference in China. Her motto is "Love is louder - one world, one tribe". This is an underlying thread in her work and in her life. She continues to train children, youth and educators around the world. Short and long residencies are available.


Susie Green is no stranger to students and educators in the world of music, dance and education. It is through Susie's positive leadership, willingness to collaborate and 'hands-on' approach that she is able to work with classroom teachers and the entire school community. I have seen first hand how students, teachers and the school community welcome and embrace Susie's warmth, talent, extensive knowledge and capacity for generosity and leadership. Susie is open to new ideas and dedicated to taking them beyond their full potential! Susie has been working with students and teachers for the past 40 years and continues to be relevant in her practice and current issues in education. She is passionate in her work and is dedicated to honouring truth through creative processes and artistic expression. Bonnie Ishii, Head Teacher, Music & Dance Specialist at Confederation Park Education Through the Arts School
Susie has a long history of work with children in BC schools and many other educational settings all over the world. She has been an Artist in Residence through ArtStarts, most recently at Green Timbers Elementary School in Surrey, where she worked with students, 2-7, guiding them to explore and recognize the beauty of creative movements and choreography. Susie and I collaborated in a school-wide project (fully choreographed musical play of ASSIGNMENT: EARTH - WHAT KIDS CAN DO TO SAVE THE PLANET by Roger Emerson) for over four months. Under Susie's mentorship and leadership, the whole school community learned and experienced how dance and music can work together to tell a story in an impactful and symbolical way. Rob Lee, Music Teacher, Green Timbers Elementary,Surrey

Project Examples

Building Bridges

In the first step of my residency at Cariboo Secondary, I guided and facilitated the students as we explored movement, dance, and collaborative arts through ensemble work. Through use of the tools of choreography and improvisation I drew on my vast experience and varied knowledge of the application of the principals of Laban movement efforts and Orff music. Through this exploration of movement the students gained confidence and a powerful artistic choice while new knowledge they could apply to future endeavours. At the same time, I acted Joan MacLean's mentor and I planned and instituted a curriculum aligned with the revised BC curriculum to continue to develop the work she does. In my final year at Cariboo Secondary School, I continued to mentor and collaborate with staff and the Cariboo dance students through movement and dance explorations that expanded their vocabulary as young artists and school community members. The exciting component that was a final and unique collaboration with the Band class, to create something together. Based on improvisational explorations and the technique and creativity learned through the lens of the revised BC curriculum, both the musicians and dancers created a fusion of cross-curricular areas, such as movement, music and the literary arts. This began as cumulative workshops which led to a truly arts integrated experience and performance that was shared with the greater school community at the Dance Cabaret in May, Fine Arts Night and the Spring Band concert.

Colours of Tolerance

A.S.I.A Secondary School in Abbotsford, District 42 hired me for an extended Artist-in-Residency over a 6 month period. The intent of the project was to deal with relevant issues of bullying, teen suicide and to reduce barriers between peers. The goal was to move from oppression to cooperation. They had recently lost a senior student in their dance program to suicide, in addition, there was a junior student who had experienced a year of cyber bullying and was at risk. I began the residency by creating a safe environment for young people who are grieving and in addition we began to learn and use newly learned technical knowledge to build a vocabulary that we collectively created a dance piece. As the healing continued through problem-solving through our movement projects, the dancers and the staff began to express themselves emotionally, creatively and openly through their body work. The ensemble work became more and more self-directed and included their fresh feelings towards depression, bullying and honouring each other. Ultimately, this creative process led to a creation that was profoundly honest, authentic, gut wretching and celebratory. One of the goals of the staff was to create a dance to be shared with School District Members. This is an example of shedding a light on systemic oppression and individual expressions in the ever prevalent world of cyber-bullying and devastating pressures that lead some of our youth to suicide.

How the Loon Lost her Voice

I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers, and a music teacher to create a musical based on the Indigenous story "How the Loon Lost her Voice" by Anne Cameron. We worked with the District Indigenous Coordinator and the author of the story to ensure we were being respectful of the story and the knowledge that was shared with us by the Elders and knowledge keepers. Throughout the process, we engaged with art and extended into applied design by creating button blankets with an Elder in the school district to take the lead on the project. We focused on having a well thought out and respectful process for "How the Loon Lost her Voice". The resulting show included the whole student body and engaged staff, students, and the school community!

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