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Susie Green

Discipline: Dance
Homebase: Surrey
Languages: English
Contact Me: (604) 836-6768 , Email

Susie is a dance artist and educator whose work focuses on engaging students and teachers to fulfill their dance and music related projects, in an innovative way. Susie's approaches and tools are diverse. Using all dance disciplines, Susie teaches both directed and creative movement, through exciting ensemble work and dance literacy. Susie has worked with over one million students in schools worldwide. Susie demystifies teaching movement in the school environment through her collaborative process. Susie's projects are a special combination of her life work in choreography and her knowledge of movement patterns, and learning styles in children. Short and long residencies are available.


It is through Susie's positive leadership, willingness to collaborate and 'hands-on' approach that she is able to work with classroom teachers and the entire school community. Susie is open to new ideas and dedicated to taking them beyond their full potential! Bonnie Ishii, Confederation Park Elementary

Project Examples

Building Bridges

Building Bridges: using dance to communicate current and relevant social themes for youth, including co-operation, sharing, peer support and ensemble problem solving on issues including bullying, environmental issues, and issues of non violence. Susie has created, produced, and directed an international youth dance company that performed a platform of dances which spoke to the above social themes. In this project, Susie explores these topics with the students through both the tools of choreography and ensemble improvisation. Through this exploration of movement the students gain confidence and a powerful artist voice while they gain knowledge, comprehension and ownership of their identity and greater community. Short or long term residency.

Curriculum Connections

Creating Curriculum Connections: technical and creative exploration of cross curriculum topics connecting cross-curriculum objectives (language arts, science, music, visual arts ,math). Through creative movement and exploration of concepts using all disciplines of dance, teachers and students work together focusing on one or several concepts in their current unit/work. These project themes included cooperative classroom sharing and several school community performances. Short or long term residency.

Intergrated Performing Arts Presentations

Integrated Performing Arts Presentations: developing through the workshop process,choreography for musicals and plays. Through technical exploration and literacy in dance and music, we create a finished community performance. Recent projects themes were "THE LION KING", "WORLD DRUM BOY" ,"FLY ME TO THE MOON". Susie collaborates with the school's goal to present a full cast play for students and community. Short or long term residency. Excerpts from THE LION KING , North Poplar School -Integrated Arts, Abbotsford Videos: The Stampede - grades 4/5 Here's a link to ""THE STAMPEDE"" in my Dropbox: Videos: HAKUNA MATATA - K/grade 1 LION KING , North Poplar School, Abbotsford Here's a link to ""HAKUNA MATATA 2.m4v"" in my Dropbox:

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