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The Well Worn Trail

Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Homebase: Maple Ridge
Languages: English

Rob and Lillian are lifelong musicians, songwriters and performers with a deep passion for environmental stewardship. They combine their talents into unique and uplifting performances which have been seen by tens of thousands from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland. They have also led songwriting workshops in three BC elementary schools. As ecological caretakers, they encourage connection, protection and respect (CPR) for biodiversity and our great outdoors through homegrown music, puppetry, natural instruments and more! In their inspiring low-tech performances, they will take you on a musical, fact-based journey to kindle the amazing wonders of the natural world around you!


It is challenging for any presenter to engage such a wide age and interest range for 45-90 minutes, but Lillian and Rob managed to engage all learners with their songs, facts and connections. The feedback from our staff and students was positive and we would love to have them back at our school again. Gillian Campbell, Highland Park Elementary, Pitt Meadows
Lillian and Rob have a wealth of experience in educational performance for children, and it shows. Not only are they engaging and fun, but they teach in such a way as to inspire love and appreciation for nature, something we desperately need to share with our children. It was wonderful to work with these like-minded people to help share our rich natural heritage with children. Melissa Fulton, Director of Operations - Nature NB
The teachers are always amazed at how engaged and entertained the children are and students leave humming a new tune or excited about learning new facts about their favorite (or new favorite) animal. I have always had positive feedback from the staff and students and one primary teacher said Rob and Lillian were the best and most relevant school performers she had seen. Leah Jackson, Aboriginal Support Worker SD 42

Performances & Workshops

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The Well Worn Trail

Grade Suitability: K-7
Duration: 50 mins + 10 min Q&A
Capacity: 800 (Full-school performance plus two individual class presentations in 1 day.)
Tech Requirements: Two 8' tables for outdoor, class, stage or gym presentations
Fee Range: $745-$995 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

They focus on connection to nature, land and place through multi-sensory concerts and workshops blending science, music, language and visual arts. Students and staff gain deeper insights into the astonishing attributes of Canadian wildlife ranging from hummingbirds to humpback whales as well as species' interconnectedness through the duo's interactive performances. Recorded animal vocalizations, natural instruments/props and realistic-looking puppetry blend to give a broader understanding of biodiversity found in schoolyards, backyards and in the wider world. Drawing from personal experience and stewardship, the duo can offer easy-to-assimilate ideas such as tree-planting projects which helps mitigate eco-anxiety some feel. Free tree seedlings are given to schools, upon request.

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