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The Well Worn Trail in the Classroom

Discipline: Music, Storytelling, Theatre, Visual Arts
Homebase: Maple Ridge/ Pitt Meadows
Contact Me: (604) 805-1487 , Email

Rob and Lillian are lifelong educators, musicians and performers with a passion for environmental stewardship. They merge their talents into uniquely inspiring workshops and performances which have been seen by tens of thousands from coast to coast. They bring a full array of props and natural instruments to encourage connecting, protecting and respecting Canada's incredible biodiversity, even in one's own schoolyard. Both have also attended international puppet conferences focusing on the use of puppetry in today's changing times. Their work in schools is purposely low-tech, which is welcomed by all ages.


Their ability to guide a class of students to brainstorm and write an original song about bats was very impressive. All students were included in the song writing and singing, they even had instruments made from natural materials for each student to use. Justin Moore, VP of Curriculum, Chilliwack , SD 33
The teachers are always amazed at how engaged and entertained the children are, and students leave humming a new tune or excited about learning new facts about their favourite (or new favourite) animal. I have always had positive feedback from the staff and students. Leah Jackson, Aboriginal Support Worker, SD 42
Lillian and Rob have a wealth of experience in educational performance for children, and it shows! Not only are they engaging and fun, but they teach in such a way as to inspire love and appreciation for nature, something we desperately need to share with our children. Melissa Fulton, Director of Operations, Nature NB

Project Examples

Nature Rocks!

It's amazing watching students turn into songwriters! Rob and Lillian have given multiple workshops in different districts assisting classes transform thoughts and ideas into original compositions focusing on biodiversity, conservation and our environment. They understand that children are curious, compassionate, and at times concerned about nature and different ecosystems. By encouraging cooperative learning through expressed thoughts, hopes and ideas, children discover the strength of collaboration. Rob and Lillian bring wildlife puppets to each school project. They also bring natural instruments for rhythm development. The duo knows that most children have limited time outdoors. Through their workshops, they provide creative opportunities linking nature and music so that students may expand and deepen their connection with various bionetworks.

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