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Tim Gosley

Discipline: Interdisciplinary, Storytelling, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Victoria
Languages: English
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Tim Gosley, festival director for Puppets for Peace, gives workshops with storytelling utilizing puppets for children of all ages from simple one-session experiences to more complex giant puppet creations that can include pageants and parades. He also performs his one-person show, The Ugly Duckling. Puppets for Peace promotes the United Nations Day of Peace and the diverse art of puppetry. Tim won a Gemini Award for this television work which included The Muppets, Fraggle Rock and Canadian Sesame Street (Basil Bear), however he explores all forms for puppetry. His current passions are giant and LED shadow puppets. Tim is educated in theatre (BFA Acting, University of Alberta). He teaches theatre and puppetry from university level (Bishop's University, Quebec) to schools, as well for small groups and special projects. His own shows have taken him to Germany, Austria, the UK and, most recently, Taiwan.


It was amazing to see what the children came up with. So much creativity. Tim was so good with the kids and really encouraged them to unleash their creativity, and was giving them great ideas about how they could add on to their creatures. Phyllis Dalton, Children's and Family Literacy Librarian, Greater Victoria Public Library
Tim Gosley has been invited to be a part of the PAC-sponsored artist in residence program at École Margaret Jenkins School for several years. Tim combines the art of puppetry, storytelling and hands-on creation in his unique and popular puppetry workshops for Elementary school children. As a parent and past chairperson of the Visual Arts Committee at Ecole Margaret Jenkins School, I have had the honour and pleasure of interacting with Tim on a professional level. Tim's experience and skill as a puppeteer provides EMJS students and teachers with new ways to explore their own creativity. His workshops are so much fun and his energy is contagious. Everyone is included and motivated to get explore art in a new way. Marita Buscombe, Parent
The puppets and presentation was unique, beautiful, magical and respectful for the immigrant designers' original vision. It was a marvellous process, and kept on track and in good spirits by Mr Gosley. Lina de Guevara, Theatre Director

Project Examples

I Wish I Could Fly

The seasons change and when it's Spring an egg becomes a caterpillar, becomes a cocoon, and then a butterfly. Who would have thought when you start off in life as a worm-like being you would ever end up flying? Tim Gosley tells a simple tale of transformation of a caterpillar's journey through the seasons. He is aided by imaginative and amusing puppets and props. Also the children are introduced to different puppet styles. After the presentation, the children decorate their own butterfly puppet.

Introduction to LED Shadow Puppetry and Simple Live Video

Using readily available LED flashlights participants discover how shadow puppetry is not only like making a film, but also a fun, affordable way to explore the visual and performing arts. And given the time, students can discover how a live video camera patched into a projector can impact creativity. The length of the project depends on if the class would like just an introduction to the technique (starting at one hour) or the development of a complete project.

Puppets for Peace Parade

Inspired by the United Nations International Day of Peace (September 21), this project is malleable to meet the interests of the school involved. It can be a simple procession of Kindergarten to Grade 2 students with butterfly puppets parading around their classroom, or it can involve giant puppets, masks, specialty puppets and costumes that mixed with other departments in the school (e.g. marching band). The final procession can be within the school, taken out to public spaces and/or incorporated as part of other events occurring in the community. The artist works with students and teachers to craft something uniquely their own. Through discussion they would create processional imagery, concrete and symbolic, that evokes peace through embracing world cultures, celebrating differences, working together, kindness to the earth, anti-violence and anti-bullying and then display their work through a parade to a greater community.

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