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Tim Sars

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
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Over the past three years, Tim has been working with large groups of children in both gym performance settings and music in the classroom. While he always enjoys performing for schools as a performer, he has also been working at Britannia High School on Monday afternoons, teaching an after-school music program. Members of the music program range widely in age, from primary youth, all the way up to youth in their late teens. Students have a lot of fun, and he is able to challenge a wide range of musical abilities in the same classroom setting. His focus is on the history of jazz and blues, as well as creative music and improvisation.

Project Examples

Down at the Mardi Gras

Workshopping the music of New Orleans brings the classroom to life with rhythm and voice. From the worksongs to the street parties, the children learn to sing, stomp and clap the backbeats of down South. While the music is fun and engaging, it is also steeped in American history, from slavery, military, church and the mixing of cultures. By looking at the hidden meaning in these songs, we learn a history that may not have been recorded.

Greenhorn Music Project

Greenhorn brings brass band music to the classroom, providing tubas, trumpets trombones, saxes and percussion. Tim will workshop the students with basic knowledge of the instruments, teaching improv, basic music theory and super fun tunes. After weekly workshops over the course of two to three months, the band will be able to perform a set of original and traditional funky tunes. Tim has been developing his curriculum over the past three years, and brings excitement and focus to the project. The end goal is for the children or teens to carry on as a band on their own time.

Horn Sectional

Tim has a vast knowledge of the musical instruments in a traditional brass band, and he loves giving workshops and sectionals to already established music programs. While he can work up pre-existing arrangements, he also brings with him solo techniques/improvisation, original compositions and ear training. By the end of one of his workshops, youth always leave inspired and playing a funky new tune.

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