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Tim Sars

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
Contact Me: Email

A natural musician in every respect, it was inevitable that Tim would follow in the footsteps of his parents, both prominent Jazz players in Vancouver. His fluent and deeply melodic style draws on a spectrum of inspirations - Afrobeat, New Orleans Jazz, Balkan Brass, Funk, and Latin jazz. Fluent in piano, flute, and vocals, his skills as a musician, composer, and arranger take hold of the listener, transporting them to another time and space. But, it’s his main instrument, the baritone saxophone, that truly holds the power of Tim's artistry as one of Vancouver’s leading Jazz musicians. With projects ranging from steady and steamy nights at local hot spots, The Libra Room, Gilt + Co, Ouizi’s, Chewy’s, Revel Room, Tyrant Studios, and Merge, to name a few - Tim brings the party with him. His friends play in his bands and he plays in theirs. It is a tight knit community of fellow musicians and the notes keep on dancing along. As a musical director Tim leads The Carnival Band and the Greenhorn Musical Project, two community based projects which brings him into contact with local arts group gems: The Dusty Flower Pot Cabaret, Secret Lantern Society, Open Air Orchestra Society, The Wild Salmon Caravan, and of course, Vancouver Cabaret. A creative soul, Tim's relaxed natured finds him tapped into a vast network of creative professionals with whom he has the immenece pleasure of working with. These connections have lead him to form an educational school show with his band Tiny Islands, entitled: Jazzology! The 2018/2019 year sees them playing 150 shows across BC. Receiving rave reviews from both students and teachers, the show takes foot-stomping-good-time look at the history of Jazz. He's curated the first ever Honk BC Festival held in August this year, and regularly travels to Boston, Providence, Austin, and Seattle to lead The Carnival Band, teach workshops, and stay present in his field. The natural ability he has as a front man finds him at community events, weddings, festivals, cabarets, theatrical performances, and corporate events, around the world. Where there is music, there is Tim.


The staff loved this performance...I was away and their response was so positive I'll have to bring them back. My music teacher said this was 'by far the best she has seen" Joseph Boudreau, M.Ed., B.Ed., B.A. Principal, Bench Elementary 1501 Cowichan Bay Rd Cowichan Bay, BC V0R 1N2 250-743-5552
... they were awesome. We loved having them! Jamie Beck Principal Abbotsford Middle School 604-859-7125 ext. 3201
The performance was a total hit with students and staff alike! The musicians were engaging! The show had a good pace for elementary. I liked the inclusion of notable jazz musicians though I wonder if it would be possible to show the children a photo of the musicians? I don't know if there are ever keys with the group but I thought it a bit funny that a pianist was mentioned (or that was my understanding)... perhaps you might swap that musician out for another? Lastly the 2nd microphone was a bit quiet. Don't know if that was part of your audio equipment or ours. The vintage mic had great volume. Again, an AMAZING show! I loved singing along, seeing the kids engage with the performers and shriek at their antics. Thank you for the thoughtful presentation. Leah Ashford, Administrative Assistant Fernwood Elementary School (Gulf Islands School District 64)

Project Examples

Greenhorn Music Project

Working with youth to create a funky jazz brass band with either excisting music programs, or starting one up. Ideally I work with youth on an on going project, and am able to bring in other specialists threw out the program. I have the ability to work with all brass, reeds, percussion, and voice. I can bring in original compositions, work on composing new works, and/or bring in arrangements of standard funk jazz tunes.

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