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Virginia Duivenvoorden

Discipline: Dance, Film / Video, Interdisciplinary, Visual Arts
Homebase: North Vancouver
Languages: English
Contact Me: Email , Web

Virginia trained at SFU and Arts Umbrella. A member of the Karen Jamieson Dance Company, she danced in Passage at the National Gallery of Canada and Gawa Gyani at the Museum of Anthropology and Museum of Civilization. She learned with Chief Kenneth Harris and Elder Margaret Harris while dancing as guest artist with the Dancers of Damelahamid. Solos were made for her by Serge Bennathan and Cornelius Fischer-Credo. She graduated with a BA in dance and performance from ArtEz University of the Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands. More recently Virginia has been an artist in residence at Parkgate Community Centre. She teaches all ages through Crossmaneuver and North Vancouver Recreation and Culture. Virginia invites her students to co create with artistic work that is dynamic, creative and adaptable to a variety of settings. Some of the recurrent themes in her work include transformation, contrasts, conflict resolution, inclusion and love.


Virginia has already demonstrated herself to be a dynamic, energetic and skilled dance educator. Notably, she shows the following strengths, among many other attributes: 1) a deep passion for the arts, exemplified through artistic skill, and an enthusiasm for helping students discover their own confidence and creativity, 2) flexibility to adapt to classroom arrangement and programming structure, 3) detailed and purposeful curriculum planning, able to cater learning outcomes and activities to student background Stephen Goobie, Principal, Bodwell High School
THANK YOU! Your passion comes through your dance and it reminds us of why we do what we do. For the love of creation, expression, and connection. You have made a huge impact on me and the community. Karen Pighin,Community Arts and Culture Animator, North Vancouver Recreation and Culture
Virginia currently teaches students in a weekly course which focuses on the arts, creative output and community contribution. Virginia independently created the curriculum for this unique course, which has continuously evolved and grown since Virginia took the project lead. In previous terms, Virginia has also taught "Exploration of Dance & Movement". Regardless of the course she is teaching, Virginia has repeatedly demonstrated herself to be a dynamic, energetic and inspiring educator. Shannon Hare, B A., M.A., CPHR. Assistant Director: Enrichment Program

Project Examples

Dance and Lyrics

The approach we took was studying favourite lyrics, pulling out single words and sentences, separating them out of context. Then we're reflecting on them while choosing specific sentences and words. We were illustrating words and even incorporating the words into a live performance. Getting a presentation ready right away was a great strategy to really test the students in their knowledge, abilities and skills sets when it comes to performing on stage. By the third class we were able to sit back and watch three diverse interpretations of songs with lyrics that were meaningful to the students. They learned it's possible to create new connections to songs that they admired and enjoyed. The presentations allow students have their own input and interpretations shared and valued amongst their peers.

Dance and Movement

The students made meaningful contributions by using the skills they came with and their unique background to shine. Discovering their strengths,students are often leading others in choreography or creating performance ideas leap frogging from artists they admire. Although they were very comfortable presenting their own original material within the safety of the class it was also made very clear that it's more difficult to present live to the greater student body. Getting this caliber of live performance ready seems daunting, however performing for the camera was a different story. Working with this generation of media oriented young people makes it a perfect medium for expressing group ideas and to showcase individual abilities. The students were able to share the creativity with family, peers and friends. When the students get to see themselves on video they really understand what a difference it makes when you are fully immersed and energized in your performance. We were making the videos, then watching them together. We followed up by discussing them and planning the next one. It was not only a great learning experience but super fun for them all to see how each person played a vital role in our team

Mixed Media

This workshop is designed to have students think and learn like artists. A balance of research and using existing knowledge helps students navigate personal awareness in a creative and cultural context of inclusion. Ideas are welcomed as we collaborate on presenting performance ideas for the classroom through the visual, performing and media arts. Students use the arts lens to view fascinating subjects.

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