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Yunuen Perez Vertti

Discipline: Film / Video
Homebase: Burnaby
Languages: English, Spanish
Contact Me: Email

Originally from Mexico City, filmmaker and digital media artist Yunuen Perez Vertti moved to Vancouver 6 years ago after being based in Houston, Texas, for 15 years. Her international background is well represented in her work as a filmmaker and digital media artist. She has over 15 years of experience in the film and television industry. She has worked in various roles and projects and produced films for many public, private, and non-profit organizations. She is passionate about education through the arts and the importance of the arts as a fundamental tool for learning. She believes teaching and introducing kids to all art disciplines, as early as possible, is essential to a healthy society. Working with kids has made her look into her creative process from a different perspective, and it has helped her understand it better.


Yunuen was our artist in residence for our Film Festival. The project spanned over four months working with 225 students, from Kindergarten to Grade 7, empowering them with the tools and knowledge to create thoughtful stories through film. The residency was hugely successful as each student learned the creative process with a hands-on approach. Yunuen has proven to be a highly competent educator, and her passion for the arts is genuine and inspirational. Bonnie Ishii, Head Teacher, Music & Dance Specialist, Confederation Park
Yunuen has been a collaborator of mine for years. She is an artist of the highest caliber. Her camera work is courageous and inventive, and at the same time, refined and poetic. As an editor, she has an uncanny eye for fluidity and balance, combined with the technical expertise to achieve her artistic vision. Her creative mind, impressive skills, and enthusiastic approach make her an invaluable and sought after asset to any project. Michele Brangwen, Artistic Director, Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble
Yunuen worked with our students to introduce them to animation in film-making as a part of our class's intergenerational project. The session was engaging and fun, and we were so impressed with Yunuen's expertise and warmth with the students that we had her continue to work with our class for the duration of the project. We love Yunuen's collaborative spirit, her passion for the arts in the classroom, and her enthusiasm! Marion Collins & Tilia Prior, Teachers at Tecumseh Elementary School, Vancouver

Project Examples

Visual storytelling techniques

This workshop will introduce students to visual storytelling techniques, like stop motion, documentary, live-action films, and projection mapping. The goal is to help students use these techniques to represent their learning about a particular subject. The students will be working with the method and discipline chosen in collaboration with the teacher. Students will be introduced to these techniques via exercises and examples. The following lessons will be used to introduce students to storyboarding, scripting, and how to operate video, audio, and lighting equipment. Students work in teams to develop their storyboards and scripts, followed by the production stage. The projects will be filmed and recorded by the students taking turns using all the equipment under my supervision. The final projects could be presented to the entire classroom through a discussion and reflection session or for the whole school community via an assembly or special event.

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