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September 25, 2014

A Creative Afternoon with Boeing

This week, we were pleased to host some special visitors at the ArtStarts Gallery when a team from Boeing joined us to celebrate, learn and even make some art.

This marks the fifth year that Boeing has chosen to support the ArtStarts Gallery. We are thankful for Boeing's ongoing support, and their commitment to both the ArtStarts Gallery and to making a positive impact in the community at large.

Their generous support makes it possible for us to launch exhibitions of young people's art, as well as offer free arts-based workshops and events for kids and their families each month through the ArtStarts on Saturdays series. As you can imagine, Boeing is an organization that values innovation, so we're thrilled that they are championing the next generation of creative thinkers.

After a tour of the current exhibition in the ArtStarts Gallery, we moved upstairs to the Lab to take part in some hands-on art-making. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and donned a smock to get ready for a workshop entitled Know Your Roots.

We were asked to think about where we come from, and what images and feelings our memories of home evoked in us. We also talked about where in the world different foods originated.

We then experimented with creating paints and dyes from various edibles, such as lemons, coffee, beets, red cabbage, spinach, turmeric and more. With the lively colours we made, we painted portraits that represented us and our roots.

It was a fun day, and great to see everyone so open to getting their hands dirty (seriously, beet juice is strong!) and trying new things. Even those who claimed that they hadn't painted anything since Grade 6 bravely jumped into creative process with big smiles on their faces.

It was wonderful to get to know one another better, share stories and create together. Thanks again to Boeing for being good sports and great supporters!

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