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March 10, 2014

Kiigad Gay.Ywaay: Adopt the Sea

Guest blogger Jan Minty is the principal at Edwin S. Richards Elementary in Mission, BC. "Adopt the Sea" is the theme of the school's arts based curriculum project at the school this year. Jan Minty shares how teachers and students are working collaboratively with two artists in residence, Lee Kwidzinski of ModernLee Dance and Shari Pratt of Creative Kaos, to explore movement and the visual arts infused with units in literature, science and social studies around the theme of the sea.

Edwin S. Richards Elementary is in our first year as a recognized arts based curriculum school of choice for Mission Public Schools District 75 after a two year pilot project which began with myself, the principal and two teachers, Karen Tough and Janice Williams, starting at a grass roots level. Thanks to grants from ArtStarts and the support of our PAC, this will be the second celebration our school will have prepared using arts based curriculum philosophy. Last year, we chose a theme of Africa, incorporating movement to engage students in such learning experiences as demonstrating the life cycle of the salmon, the study of sound, the comparision of community in British Columbia to that of Africa, and communication. All of this through movement, quality literature, music, and the visual arts!

The excitement is building as our teachers meet with our movement artist in residence to begin the planning for this years arts inufsion around the sea. Endangered species, pollution, tidal pools, sea turtles are some of the areas of interest for our students and staff to begin studying.

More to follow, but based upon last year's success, I know our school is going to be doing more swimming than sinking as we pursue this wonderful learning event.

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