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May 16, 2014

Adopt the Sea: What Are We Going to Look For?

Guest blogger Jan Minty is the principal at Edwin S. Richards Elementary in Mission, BC. "Adopt the Sea" is the theme of the school's arts based curriculum project at the school this year. Jan Minty shares how teachers and students are working collaboratively with two artists in residence, Lee Kwidzinski of ModernLee Dance and Shari Pratt of Creative Kaos, to explore movement and the visual arts infused with units in literature, science and social studies around the theme of the sea.

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Kindergarten students at Edwin S. Richards Elementary learn to make detailed observations!

Today it was my joy to watch our Kindergarten class practice and develop their presentation for Adopt the Sea using the song, "What Are We Going to Look For?"

The classroom teacher and artist in residence are developing the Big Idea of using senses to gather information, compare, sort, and classify shells and sea creatures. While the classroom teacher is focusing on developing the skills of her student to describe the properties of shells and creatures using colour, shape, and texture, our movement artist in residence, Lee, is using movement with the students to explore ways in which to find obhects at the beach, the way in which the waves deposit items on the shore, and using key words through call and response and actions to describe the objects that might be found at the seashore.

Their most important message was to not leave anything behind at the the beach. I especially enjoyed the props made to accompany this number: shovels, metal detectors, a map, and the big finale, a treasure chest. The parents will love this presentation once the students are in full beach costume for our evening presentations in June.

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