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October 12, 2012

All About ArtStarts

With so much going on at ArtStarts, it's sometimes difficult to explain everything we do!

From Booking and Touring to Showcase to Artists in the Classroom to Infusion: Arts in Education to our various funding programs for arts in education (like AIC , AIE , Cherniavsky and AIECBC) to ArtStarts on Saturdays and the ArtStarts Gallery... well, let's just say that there are lots of ways that young people, parents, educators, artists and others can get involved with ArtStarts to promote art and creativity in young people.

We wanted to make a video to try capture some of the energy that surrounds the many aspects of ArtStarts. Film students from the Art Institute of Vancouver worked with us to create this snapshot of ArtStarts.

We hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks to the following Art Institute of Vancouver students and alumni who did a great job of working with ArtStarts on our video:

Thomas Andrus
Roanna Goudreau
Dustin Lange (Director)
Ian Nolan (Audio/Sound Design)
Warren Scott (Editor)
David Rozsa (Score)
Siobhan Rich (Drawings)
Terri Anne Wilson (Stills, Narration, Camera)

Special thanks to Nicholas McKenzie and Vita Mavronicolas who also supported this project.

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