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January 20, 2015

Movement and Long Exposure Photography: Art Fundamentals with Julia Carr and Meghan Goodman

We kicked off 2015 with an Art Fundamentals session packed with luminescent experiments and discoveries.

Both experienced dancers who started collaborating as members of the Aeriosa vertical dance society, artists Julia Carr and Meghan Goodman initiated the session by sharing their experiences working on different community-based arts projects from an interdisciplinary approach.

The artists began with some movement foundations and were slowly integrating photography concepts until both disciplines where beautifully amalgamated. What started as an initial body awareness culminated in a choreographed warm-up, inviting participants to experiment with a full range of motion like painters and drawers would do with their medium. "It doesn't matter how it looks, but how it feels," humorously affirmed Julia while demonstrating some poses.

Exploring the concept of negative space and composition, participants communicated with their own bodies and had interesting conversations without words.

Once some solid movement and visual foundations were acquired, we jumped into long-exposure painting techniques and learned some basic photography principles like ISO, white balance, aperture, focus and shooting speed to adequately adjust the camera settings for long exposure.

A variety of light sources and colourful bike lamps with velcro attachments created by the artists were offered to all participants to start experimenting and trying all imaginable possibilities: drawing facing the camera, drawing on the body of the subject, painting the subject or the background, the same subject in movement and painted at different instances to tell a story (e.g. the evolution), painting with stencils and using the light source like graffiti spray paint, etc.

The workshop couldn't end better ... we finished with a big experimental dance party! It was fascinating to learn how to turn a picture into a performance piece and how to capture traces of movement and light that then are imprinted in the magic box that a DLSR camera can become when set up for long exposures.

Thanks to Julia and Meghan for a truly rich and interdisciplinary experience!

Here's what some workshop participants had to say about the day:

"What a fantastic workshop! I learned so much about collaborative work in this art form!"

"Very fun and informative. Thank you for the wonderful experience!"

"An absolutely fantastic, innovative, interdisciplinary workshop with fabulous facilitation. I am excited to apply some of these new elements into my own practice. So much fun!"

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