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February 14, 2017

Art is not Extra, It's Essential

Art is not extra, it's essential.

It's time for a new conversation about the role that the arts play in educating our young people.

ArtStarts' Youth Advisory Council knows the power of learning through art first-hand—and they're telling us why they're fighting to save the arts in BC's classrooms.

"If you don't bring more art to our schools, what are you going to do to bring us the curiosity and perspective that is born only from art?"

"Why do you consider art expendable?"

"How has creativity helped you succeed?"

"We NEED diversity in the workforce."

ArtStarts in Schools envisions a society where the arts in education are recognized as essential.

Finding solutions to complex problems requires a different kind of learner. Providing young people with the opportunity to learn about themselves and the world through the arts equips them to become the compassionate leaders, the global thinkers, the agents for change that their futures rely upon.

By engaging our community's artists, educators, and families to initiate learning through the arts every day, ArtStarts sees BC's young people realize the strength of true diversity.

Your generosity ensures that the values of arts integrated learning—creativity, innovation, discovery—are essential for the education of BC's young people. Please join us to support a better future for young people.

Let the way we learn change our lives, change the world. 

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