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November 22, 2010

Art-Making Underway at Windemere Secondary School

We recently visited Windemere Secondary School in Vancouver, where on that particular day, Grade 8 students were learning stenciling techniques with Vancouver artist and muralist, Indigo.

Artist Indigo with Grade 8 students at Windemere
Indigo shares tips and techniques for stenciling.

The Community Map phase of the multi-grade and multi-class project Art in the Courtyard is well underway, with guidance and support being provided by artists Carmen Rosen and Flick Harrison. Art in the Courtyard is a large project that when complete, will reflect the culture of Windemere's students, the history of their neighbourhood and its indigenous plants and animals.

The Community Map phase of the project is a melding of historical research, geographical exploration, writing and graphic design, allowing learning to take place on a variety of levels. Students will comb city archives, embark on geographical exploration of their local area and interview community elders to learn more about their neighbourhood, past and present.

When finished, the students' work will be digitally rendered and printed on aluminum panels that when assembled, will measure an impressive 7'x28' and will grace the north-facing wall of the school courtyard. 

future home of Community Map muralFuture home of the Community Map mural.

 ArtStarts is proud to support this project through its Artists In Education 2 Grant.

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