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October 29, 2018

ArtStarts At Rivermarket: Robin and the Timeless Forest with Runaway Moon Theatre

Robin and the Timeless Forest

By Maira Ramirez, Special Events Coordinator - 

We had the wonderful opportunity to host the team from Runaway Moon Theatre at ArtStarts at RiverMarket this October. Robin and the Timeless Forest is a great show that immediately captivated the audience with its unique stage set-up, special visuals and light effects. Throughout the show, the members both voiced and manipulated puppets and marionettes, engaging the crowds with their characters and creative storyline.

In the performance, Robin lives in a walled village where all is ordered and predictable, protected from the mysterious forest that surrounds them. When the village gate is unexpectedly cracked open for the first time in living memory, Robin and the villagers begin a transformative journey.

After the show, I asked the Runaway Moon Theatre team a few questions regarding their perspectives on the arts.

What does art mean to you?

For us, it means sharing an image or story that touches people’s hearts and minds. It offers different perspectives of the world that can change the way people view it. The arts has a lot to do with remembering and going back to the histories/roots of the world and it connects us with knowledge that may not be easily accessible without the arts.

How has creativity played a role in your life/art practice?

Creativity and art practices have opened up a place of freedom to authentically be who you are and to connect with others. Creativity impacts and shapes life around us and has opened up multiple avenues of knowing, being and living. It’s had a huge impact on how we look at things and creativity has allowed us to do different work in different ways.

Why is art in schools/communities important? Can you share a memorable experience you had with the arts?

Arts in schools and communities ignites the imagination of youth and connects them to their capacity to imagine. Young people are at an age of discovering themselves, the world, ways of knowing, and living with others; this is huge in contributing to relationship-building and empathetic relations. It has the ability to bring older crowds to their 'inner child' and can be magical as it transcends time.

[One team member shared a personal experience] In South Africa in grade 4, our class had the pleasure of watching The Lion King with a full African cast. This was a transformative experience for me; typical beauty standards were resisted by the cast and watching this inspired and gave me confidence to see various possibilities for myself and others...and as a result of my past experiences, I now feel I can create and inspire change!


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