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February 14, 2013

ArtStarts in Schools is Seeking a Board President

ArtStarts in Schools is Seeking a Board President

ArtStarts in Schools is actively seeking a new Board President to support the organization's growth. Since 1996 the organization has been offering educators, artists, parents and students a broad range of programs, services and resources to promote art and creativity among BC's young people.

Effective Board governance is focused on generative thinking (big picture, big issues), fiduciary responsibility (legal obligations and due diligence) and strategic leadership (navigating towards a destination). Effective management of the organization is delegated to the Executive Director.

The role of the President is to support this model of effective governance which ultimately allows ArtStarts to deliver programs and services that recognize the arts as a catalyst for creating innovative, engaged and contributing members of society.

Skills & Experience

The ideal Board President must have previous board experience, demonstrated interest in community service and reside in BC (preferably based in the Lower Mainland where the ArtStarts office is located).

The ArtStarts Governance Model requires the Board to:

  • Create the vision, mission and identify long-term goals;
  • Focus on the future rather than concentrate on the past/present;
  • Focus more on external factors rather than the internal operations;
  • Develop its own agenda and decide upon the issues it needs to address;
  • Evaluate the performance of the organization; and
  • Evaluate its own performance.

Key attributes of the Board President include:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Ability to lead a team and communicate effectively

Benefits & Recognition

  • Networking opportunities in the community;
  • Professional growth opportunities through guest speakers and workshops;
  • Forging relationships with fellow Board members, staff and the arts and education community;
  • Building strategic and visionary thinking; and
  • Opportunities to spark individual creativity.

Deliverables / Duties

The role of the President:

  • Provides leadership to the Board, and Executive Director
  • Ensures the life cycle of the Board evolves alongside the organization
  • Chairs monthly board meetings and ensures discussions are governance related
  • Is an active relationship builder and promotes the organization in the community
  • Ensures there is a process of self-evaluation for the Board
  • Initiates and leads annual ED review
  • Considers Board and ED succession planning
  • Acts as a signing officer of the Board
  • Serves on a committee

The President candidate will be formally brought in at the May AGM where he/she will serve as president elect until September 2013. At this point, the current President will step down and fill the role of past President and the new candidate will rise to the position of President.

Deadline to Apply
March 31, 2013

Approximate Position Start Date
May 2013

Approximate Position End Date
May 2015

Time commitment
10 hours per month

Time & Day of Volunteer Engagement
Weekend; Weekdays; Evening; Daytime

Work Location
808 Richards Street, Vancouver, V6B 3A7

For more information or to apply, please contact Navida Nuraney
[email protected]

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