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May 04, 2017

Cut, Paste, Action!

Kate Henderson at ArtStarts

It was a collage-filled weekend at the ArtStarts Gallery and at River Market with artist Kate Henderson. Kate is a Vancouver-based artist working with projection, photography, video and installation. We were happy to present this family workshop as part of the Capture Photography Festival.

This past weekend, Kate led families through a Dada-inspired collage activity. The first half of the workshop focused on the work of pioneering photographer Eadweard Muybridge and his studies of motion in the human body invented over 100 years ago. Kate showed us examples of how Eadweard captured movement in sequential frames, freezing movements of running, jumping and turning in time.

Children then got to experiment with this fun process themselves, as Kate quickly snapped five photos as they showed off their best action-packed movements.

Then it was time for collage! Rip or cut, following the work of Dada artist, Hannah Höch, families built their own collages using the photos that were taken and re-mixing them with magazine clippings creating new forms and expressions of themselves. They were encouraged to get as weird, creative and funny as possible!

As they distorted the form of their bodies with the magazine images, arms turned into legs, human heads turn into fish heads, and donuts became new landscapes for moving bodies.

If you missed this workshop, why not try this activity at home? This is an easy and engaging art activity that requires just a few everyday materials. If you print in black and white ink, try coloring in your images or drawing new objects into your collage to fill it with even more fun!

Thanks to Westminster Savings for generously supporting ArtStarts at River Market.

More Photo Fun!

Check out lots more pics from both ArtStarts on Saturdays and ArtStarts at River Market on Facebook.

Join us next time for free bilingual French/English performances with musicians CréaSon. Their Eco-Logical Show, AKA L'école-logique!, is an "environmusical" party that builds on young people's willingness to reinvent the world. The audience accompanies the musicians throughout the show and volunteers will jam with them on recycled instruments! Join us at the ArtStarts Gallery in downtown Vancouver on Saturday, May 27 and River Market at Westminster Quay in New Westminster on Sunday, May 28 for free events at 11 am and 1 pm. Learn more.

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