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June 02, 2017

Music to Save the Earth

CréaSon at ArtStarts

Hockey Sticks, maple syrup cans, ironing boards? Not your typical musical instruments... It must be an "environmusical" party with CréaSon!

All the way from Quebec, CréaSon is French Canadian group that uses found recycled materials and transforms them into percussion-based musical instruments.

ArtStarts was pleased to welcome CréaSon to the ArtStarts Gallery in downtown Vancouver and to River Market at Westminster Quay in New Westminster this past weekend, for an interactive performance, The Eco-logical Show (ou en français, L'école-logique!).

The duo, Sylvain and Alain, started the show off by giving the audience shakers and inviting them to join them in forming a congo line to dance across the room. Suddenly the audience became the performers as the room filled with all sorts of rhythms, beats and sounds! Next, they impressed the crowds with their rendition of the song Popcorn by Hot Butter, solely using bouncing tubes!

The most impressive handmade instruments they showcased were a full-size xylophone made from and played with recycled hockey sticks, a rattle made from a squash racket filled with keys and rain sticks made from old tubes and duct tape! Even a couple of plastic squeaking dinosaur toys made a musical appearance! The audience shook, rattled and rolled!

Through their bilingual, French/English show, CréaSon teach their audience not only about the magic of rhythm but the fusion of language and new ways of hearing and meaning making.

In using all sorts of recycled materials, they demonstrate to kids not only the possibility of innovation and creativity but the importance of re-using our old materials to help keep our possessions from becoming garbage ending up in landfills.

CréaSon reminds us how much fun it can be to make music while taking care of our earth!

Thanks to Westminster Savings for generously supporting ArtStarts at River Market.

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Join us next time to celebrate National Aboriginal Day and National Aboriginal History Month at a Drum Group Workshop with Red Fox Healthy Living Society. Red Fox drum leaders Phabion, Kat and Darius will take you through traditional Aboriginal drum etiquette, some traditional dancing around the drum, and teaching playful songs that can be performed together to create connection and community. Join us at the ArtStarts Gallery in downtown Vancouver on Saturday, June 24 and River Market at Westminster Quay in New Westminster on Sunday, June 25 for free events at 11 am and 1 pm. Learn more.

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