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September 17, 2014

Calling All Mavericks: Shifting Perspectives on the Arts in BC Schools

In the Fall 2014 issue of BC Parent Newsmagazine, ArtStarts' Arts Integration Manager Terri Anne Wilson makes a call to action for parents and teachers to shift their perspectives on the importance of the arts in BC schools.

Pundits and parents alike talk about wanting to ensure our children are competitive in the global marketplace, and that they must be provided opportunities that allow them to achieve mastery in collaboration, communication, concentration, resilience and ingenuity. We want them to be rewarded in the future for their ability to innovate, to be creative both individually and collectively, to overcome obstacles and to set and achieve goals. We want them to be unorthodox, independent-minded people. We want them to be mavericks. Yet we consistently erode the foundation for establishing a learning environment where these skills can develop.

Read the full article online to discover how the goals we all want our young people to achieve are attainable through arts integration as an approach to teaching and learning.

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