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April 23, 2013

Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2013

Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2013

All of us at ArtStarts strongly believe in taking time to appreciate and celebrate the good things in life (usually with cake). This week is a great opportunity to take time to appreciate, celebrate and say thank you — not just for a good thing, but to great people: our volunteers.

April 21-27, 2013 is National Volunteer Week. There are 13.3 million (!) volunteers in Canada, and we consider ourselves fortunate to receive the support of some of those volunteers here at ArtStarts. Volunteers are an important part of life at ArtStarts. We could not accomplish what we do without the support, dedication, enthusiasm, skills and talents of our volunteers.

This week, we'd like to share some photos of our amazing volunteers in action, a few testimonials from them about why they choose to volunteer, and also let you know about the different ways you can get involved volunteering with ArtStarts.

Gallery Assistants are one of the central ways to volunteer at ArtStarts. These are the friendly folks you'll meet when you visit the ArtStarts Gallery. They welcome visitors to the Gallery and can answer questions about the exhibitions. They also help out with all aspects of daily life in the ArtStarts offices, helping with program administration, finances, communications and more.

We asked our volunteers to tell us about their experience volunteering at ArtStarts, what motivates them to volunteer and what impact does volunteering has on their lives. Here are some of their responses.

"I have been volunteering for ArtStarts in Schools since September 2010. ArtStarts has brought me back into the Art world that I so passionately love. My goal when coming to ArtStarts was to give back to the community, meet new people and be a part of an organization that I believed children need as an integral part of life. Over the years I've seen ArtStarts though changes and growth. I am proud of the people I work with and all the energy, enthusiasm and quality work they tirelessly generate. This I believe facilitates the grand scope of the imaginations, creativity and education of our youth, which is ArtStarts' mission." — Jennifer Andre

"Juggling between full-time school, part-time work, and volunteering can be a difficult process. Given the nature of heavy course load for my design program, people often find me a bit crazy that I still have time to volunteer. Volunteering at ArtStarts though, is actually a refreshing experience. Taking time to spend time with children on ArtStarts on Saturdays has been exciting and inspirational. Yes, the events are aimed towards children, but I must admit I've thoroughly enjoyed every show and workshop myself. Volunteering has also enabled be to view society through a different lens — life is not only about getting a great career so you could support yourself; society includes contributing to others to create a tight-knit community." — Rachel Chan

"Volunteering at ArtStarts is like being around some of the most motivational people in Vancouver. I can honestly say I've not worked in such a positive and innovative organization before. Everyone is supportive of your initiative, ideas and hard work. I'm motivated by the staff at ArtStarts, who always does their best to accommodate to the volunteers, give them fun or challenging tasks and makes them feel like an influential part of the team. Volunteering cheers me up and makes me feel connected to a larger community. I enjoy the immediacy of the work as a volunteer, you create something or help work on something and within weeks or months you see how it has affected the community: it's a great confidence booster!" — Sarah Delatte

National Volunteer Week takes place from April 21-27, 2013. Post a message of thanks to Canada’s volunteers on the National Volunteer Week Thank You Wall.

If you're interested in volunteering at ArtStarts, learn more at

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