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May 07, 2014

Meet a Community Art Star: Kamille Manoy

"Meet a Community Art Star" is a regular feature showcasing ArtStarts' amazing group of volunteers who are passionate, enthusiastic arts champions. Read more posts in this series.

Kamille Manoy moved to Vancouver from Manila when she was four years old. She started volunteering at ArtStarts last summer, and she has been a key player in helping us launch new programs like YoungStarters and gallery workshops, while also helping organize events like Vancouver Draw Down. We sat down with Kamille to talk about how she incorporates ways of being creative in and out of art school.

ArtStarts: Where did art start for you?

Kamille: Art started when I was four years old living in the Philippines; drawing in my blank notebook, mostly Powers Rangers or Disney characters. My mom was the one that got me the crayons, notebooks and pencils.

ArtStarts: What do you do in Vancouver?

Kamille: I am a student. I'm studying sculpture and photography at UBC. I prefer sculpture as opposed to two-dimensional things.  I really feel like I can do more with it.

ArtStarts: What's the easiest thing about making art?

Kamille: I find the easiest thing is to be making the work itself. Planning, using my hands to create: the process. It's rewarding. Process is difficult to talk about. I imagine the best thing to start off with is to sketch and brainstorm. I get inspiration from other people, so I like to ask around. I think during the process is when it becomes more personal to me. I try to think of the big picture. This thing should have meaning to a bigger social field.

ArtStarts: And what's the hardest thing about making art?

Kamille: The difficult part about making art is getting it to a point where I am completely satisfied with the final product.

ArtStarts: Where you want to see yourself and your art practice in five years?

Kamille: It's hard to see that far ahead, but I want to be in a place where I am proud of the work that I produce. I want to create work that is well-informed and engages my audience. I suppose that my biggest goal is to be confident as an artist and to be able to show my work to a public audience. 

ArtStarts: Who's an artist that you admire?

Kamille: James Turrell is one of my favourite artists. It gives me an out-of-body experience to view his work. His works for me are ethereal; the light, the whole idea of going and passing through the light. I was raised Catholic; I don't know if that's something that's been instilled in me since I was young. His works are surreal and spiritual. It's something you want to experience.

ArtStarts: What do you do in your everyday to connect yourself to creativity?

Kamille: Creativity is a blossoming of an idea. Producing something that's different for the sake of progress. Remixing, but also producing new things in different ways.

I like to think critically about things I encounter so that I may incorporate it into my art. I enjoy doing things that will stimulate my thought process, and often ask myself, "how can this be conveyed through art?"

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