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January 09, 2017

ArtStarts Showcase Early Bird Rates until January 15!

ArtStarts Showcase 2017

Registration now for ArtStarts Showcase 2017! Early Bird rates are available until January 15, 2017.

If you select or book arts performances and workshops for young audiences, you need to attend the ArtStarts Showcase.

Join us in Vancouver, BC on March 6-7, 2017 to:

  • Discover talented professional artists from a wide range of artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds available to perform in your school or community
  • Engage with artists one-to-one in the Contact Room to learn more about what they can offer your community
  • Connect and collaborate with fellow teachers, school or district administrators and community presenters who are passionate arts champions, like you
  • Be inspired by the many ways that the arts can activate learning, spark joy and build a bright future for today's young people

We're excited to launch several new features at this year's event, including:

  • An interactive panel discussion about what the future might hold for young people
  • A pilot project called Pitch and Perform featuring up-and-coming artists
  • Delicious breakfasts where you can meet up with fellow delegates

This Year's Theme...

What will the world be like in 20 years? How can young people prepare for careers that don’t even exist yet? What can we do today to help our young people grow up to be the innovators, dreamers and leaders of the future? It all starts with imagining what’s possible and asking, what if...

To learn more and to register, download the Delegate Information Package or visit

Early bird rates are available until January 15, 2017.
The deadline to register is February 17, 2017.



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