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April 07, 2014

Happy National Volunteer Week!

ArtStarts has an amazing group of volunteers who are passionate, enthusiastic art champions. In honour of Volunteer Week, we are launching our regular feature Meet a Community Art Star.

Nargis and Kamille during Vancouver Draw Down 2013

ArtStarts really can''t do all the things we do without the great team of people that have shared their time, ideas and energy with us. Volunteers have always been here for us, helping us with events like ArtStarts on Saturdays and Vancouver Draw Down. They have organized volunteer-led events like Knitting Folks and Monday Movie Nights. They have been essential to our programs like Artists in the Classroom and Showcase. And they''ve helped shape our future vision by joining us in our Dreaming Retreat.

Every week, we will feature an amazing community art star so that everyone can know the amazing talent that ArtStarts is so fortunate to have.

Rachel during an ArtStarts on Saturdays

Why not Meet a Community Art Star today?

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