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June 15, 2010

Honour Scroll Project Unveiled

Students, teachers and members of the community gathered at Britannia Secondary on Friday, June 11th for the unveiling of the Honour Scroll project, which included scrolls made by students in collaboration with artist Susan McCallum.

The scrolls were created by First Nations students in the Outreach program, an alternative school run out of Britannia. For the project, students selected an elder from their community or their family. After conducting interviews and collecting images that reflected the elders lives, the students created large-scale scrolls to honour their mentors. These mixed media works reflect the importance of the passage of historical and cultural knowledge.

The unveiling of the project was a touching event and many of the participating students and their mentors spoke about the profound effect that their relationships with each other had on their lives.

Many of the scrolls will be showcased in ArtStarts' next exhibition.


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