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December 13, 2011

Imagination Play with Kathryn Ricketts

We all had an entertaining morning and afternoon as artist and storyteller, Kathryn Ricketts tells us a story through her imagination, physical gestures and interactive performances. Kathryn's method of storytelling is to get children and families excited about the content, in this case Dr Suess, and relate in a physical way so that everyone has a deeper experience beyond listening to a story.

Kathryn gets the group ready to do the physical part of the workshop, where kids and parents have an opportunity to learn about the different parts of the story and how they can play along with the story through the different actions they do in their bodies.  

ArtStarts on Saturdays takes place on the last Saturday of every month — check out past workshops here. Stay tuned for our next one with Aché Brazil on January 28th. Prepare yourself for a visual feast as Aché Brazil fuses music, dance and the martial art of Capoeira into a dynamic, colourful, high energy performance that has thrilled audiences from across Canada and the US.

ArtStarts thanks Boeing for their generous support of the ArtStarts on Saturday series.

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